Richard Corman, Alec Monopoly at LAB Art

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Richard Corman captures his monumental subjects in a way that  reveals their souls while shrouding them in mystery, the essence of celebrity. The masses may feel an intimacy with personas, but never truly know the complex people lying behind them. Corman recently commented on this on his Facebook page, posting a poignant, up-close image of the tragically lost Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Corman’s work at LAB Art, which is the gallery’s first-ever solo show of photography, features a plethora of Madonna shots. They range from wall-sized profile views to notebook-sized test strips. Also included are striking frontal views of art world giants Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Corman achieves more than just striking iconic portraiture. He crafts the portrait of an era. The music and fashion imagery transport us to a place both nostalgic and alive, relevant. Add in the bold, expressive neon painting and text of seasoned street artist Alec Monopoly, and the work melds the timelessness of black and white to the palpable, electric atmosphere of the 80’s. Gallery owner and curator Iskander Lemseffer says:

Every single photograph is a statement piece. ‘Makes a statement’ is what LAB ART is all about. One of the most beautiful things about art is that it can always be revisited.

And of course there was a diverse and festive crowd, which images of pop and art stars seem to naturally inspire!







IMG_2515LAB ART owner/curator Iskander Lamseffer and artist Annie Preece





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