Photos: VIP Reception Moby’s “Innocents” at PROJECT Gallery

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On Thursday February 20th, PROJECT Gallery,  hosted a VIP reception of Moby’s newest photography installation. As friends, fans, and artists roamed the Hollywood gallery, art enthusiasts celebrated the debut of “Innocents,” a collection of photographs portraying Moby’s vision of an eerie post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

PROJECT Gallery invited guests to step into Moby’s version of a world filled with lush and ominous characters. His photographs portrayed landscapes of bizarre masked cults, which gradually attempt to make a personal and collective sense of the 2012 apocalypse as envisioned by the artist.

In his press release Moby writes:

nothing happens quickly.
even the things that happen quickly don’t happen quickly.
a volcano or an earthquake might seem spontaneous and violent, but they’re
the result of long and obscure processes.
the apocalypse of 2012 happened in an instant, but it had begun, almost tectonically, ages ago.

Photography is not a new art form for the award winning producer and musician. Moby began taking pictures when he was 9, and continued shooting and developing photographs throughout his college years.

While traveling the world, Moby searched for a new place to call home. He had outgrown his longtime city of New York, and moved to Los Angeles in 2011. Immediately, he was intrigued by the rich history behind the Hollywood Hills, which led him to a fascination of local cults. In turn, the passion and extremes of the cults inspired a journey of personal reinvention.

The series was shot over the last two years throughout Hollywood and other surrounding cities. Each large-scaled photograph physically impacts the viewer, taking them into spiritual and psychological realms. The masked characters tell a story of dark emotions and motivations. Individually, the masks take on an ominous feel that allows the viewer to respond in their own unique personal way.

In his press release Moby writes:

the apocalypse of 2012 was with us, then it was upon us, and even now it’s both a
part of our collective fabric and a representation of something disconcertingly new.
everyone has responded in their own way.

The apocalyptic Los Angeles also played a part in Moby’s music career, which inspired his latest album, “Innocents,” released in October 2013. The VIP reception was filled with peculiar questions about the powerful images and the connections within his music career. Guests were at awe with Moby’s dynamic photos and his practice of taking pictures of everyday normality while exposing its oddness.

The CARTWHEEL team asked Moby if he felt more comfortable behind the camera or in front. Moby explained:

They both are completely different experiences and I admire each experience equally. I have never cared too much about what I look like in front of the camera, and as someone behind the camera it allows me to express my vision of moving to Los Angeles.

‘”Innocents” continues through March 30th at PROJECT Gallery. For further information and gallery hours visit their website at

For an exclusive photo gallery of “Innocents,” please visit CARTWHEEL’s Facebook page.

TOP: Moby’s photograph of  receiving – Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta.


Outside of PROJECT Gallery located on 1553 Cahuenga Boulevard.


“Innocents” photos by Moby.




Close up of South.


Moby posing with his photograph of a new spring.






Guests pointing out the details on the masked characters in a new spring.


Singer-song writer Brandon Boyd attended “Innocents” at PROJECT gallery


Moby signing autographs.


Fans excited to buy prints.


Attendees enjoying complimentary beverages from Angel City Brewery.


Moby and Jen DiSisto from Art Duet.

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