Inn Gallery Preview: New Show Opens March 14, 2014

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Alex Arizpe

Inn Gallery, Los Feliz’s newest neighborhood gallery, opens a new group show  on Friday, March 14. Featuring paintings, sculpture, photography and video installations, “All Eyes Need Art” explores the self and our city.

Alex Arizpe and Janet Grey take the viewer deep into their bodies and minds, into their struggles against death and recovery from the brink.  Arizpe’s visceral paintings and sculptures are brutal, painful reactions while Grey’s is more ethereal and poignant journey. (Full disclosure: Janet Grey is a good friend, luckily she is good at what she does, or I would be in a really uncomfy postition!)

While Arizpe’s paintings emphasize self-disclosing portraits, and Grey’s photographs are revealing portraits of mannequins, Mattie Sproul uses a less traditional method of portraiture–collage–to create portraits, and Glenda Borden’s photos are portraits of Los Angeles.   Randy Focazio’s surreal paintings play on darkness and horror. These are just half the artists on the roster for “All Eyes Need Art.”

I love utter funkiness of Inn Gallery. It’s as unpretentious as it gets–relaxed, low-key, DIY. I love that there’s new a gallery in the neighborhood (with easy parking!) and that they do groups shows, allowing artists to to get seen (and sold–the prices make the art very collectible).   We need more of these.

Alex Arizpe


Janet Grey


Janet Grey

mattie Sproul
Mattie Sproul

Glenda Borden

Randy Focazio


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