L’Art Projects: “Landmark” Private Residence as Art Space, Limited Run, Appointment Only

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Private residences are being repurposed as public art spaces, with L’Art Projects’ “Landmark” opening March 29th through April 1st by appointment only, the latest in this trend. Located in the Hollywood Hills L’Art Projects inaugural events showcases thirteen dynamic artists in a private home. The exhibition venue, offering a view of the city lights and and Sunset Boulevard on one side and the tranquil rolling hillside on the other, reflects and enhances the themes represented in the artwork.

Neon palm trees, water color portraits of of car engines, site specific and sound and light installations, sculpture, paintings, and drawings elaborate on Los Angeles’ external  realities and the internal conditions of our city’s denizens.

The inaugural exhibition presents Pierre Auroux, Elaine Asada, Michelle Blade, Ching Ching Cheng, Thomas Doyle, Chris Hanke, Sarah Jones, Flora Kao, Briana Sophia Horne, Meryl Pataky, Brian Rea, Marissa Textor, and Yoskay Yamamoto.

Conceived with the desire to showcase and foster the work of emerging artists in intimate settings, L’Art Projects program creates unique environments, presenting a variety of new and exciting work and events to connect artists and collectors.

For appointments to view March 29th through April 1, contact: Alanna Navitski/Jennifer Gross Evolutionary Media Group Phone: 323-658-8700.

Top: Brian Rea, Modern Love 3.


Chris Hanke, Seafoam Snowcone.


Meryl Pataky, Played Out.

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