John Colao’s Portfolio of Nudes at Photo Independent 2014

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This year at Photo Independent, Bergamot Station’s Robert Berman Gallery presents a portfolio of photographs by artist and photographer John Colao. Shown above is part one of Colao’s photographs, all of Colao’s work at Photo Independent are nude portraits of one woman that occurred as a collaboration.

Colao describes his current selection of photography on display as showing “a woman in her body. A dialogue between photographer and subject. The female body, mind and soul, carrying all the seeds, the cycles of life.” The images are subject driven, empowering, and features one woman captured as anonymous forces, as a landscape of living curves, naturally posed in front of the lens.

Colao’s portfolio of nudes will be on view at Photo Independent this weekend from Friday April 25 until Sunday April 27 on Stage 8 in Booth 606. Tickets for Photo Independent start at $15 and can be bought here.

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