ALIGNMENT – A Solo Exhibition By Artist Chad Muska

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On Friday April 25th artist and skateboard legend Chad Muska opened his private studio space to the public for the first time, with a one night solo art exhibition titled Alignment.

Walking into the Werkärtz studio the peaceful vibe that Chad Muska had created enveloped his guests. The smell of incense and the sound of ambient music completed a room filled with tranquil art.

Muska’s art consists of building and experimenting with unconventional art materials. He applies them to both hanging wall pieces and sculptures. His immediate surroundings are reflected in each piece and a sense of balance can be found within the patterns and textures of his work.

Just like his strong connection with skateboarding, his work is fearless and intuitive. His focus on the relationship between man and nature can be found within the elements he uses in his art. Industrial elements like concrete, resin, and steel are simultaneously mixed with organic elements like natural wood and human interactions.

In his press release Muska states:

Without these mediums, my career in skateboarding would not be possible and there would be no walls to create public displays of art on. I have tried my best to create a new identity in my art separate from the public persona of a professional skateboarder that I’ve had for all these years, but that DNA is embedded in me, and remains prevalent in my artwork.

Muska engaged himself with art and an early age. As he developed his skate skills, he became known for his street style of graffiti and wheat pasting, then discovered a new way to incorporate street art into his life.  His fresh style involved bringing the heavy concrete indoors and presenting his art in a minimal yet playful way. According to Muska, the playfulness and movement of his work speaks directly to the mind of a skateboarder.

Muska states:

Skateboarders look at metal and concrete already as objects of artistic expression, It’s like a canvas. And now the mediums that I’m using are metal and concrete. It’s so funny, but that’s why I think I’m attracted to these materials: because I’ve spent my entire life looking at the concrete sidewalk that I’m riding down.

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