Kendra Spear: Still Life Photos at Photo Independent Los Angeles

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Sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to attend art fairs. The crowds of people, the gallery owners who show work of the famed, not necessarily talented, the folks who attend primarily for the free wine–it can make for a miserable experience, especially when the art is lacking.

But then there are the times when everything adds up to create splendid results. Tucked away in the back of Photo Independent were a couple of artists that exemplify the idea of new, emerging and talented. Of them, Kendra Spear’s still life photos blew me away.

Shown above is her silver gelatin print entitled Edie, Raymond and Alice, referencing John Waters and Alice in Wonderland. There’s something about the glistening sausage lanced through with a plastic flamingo that makes it giggle-worthy. But also dark, moody,  and a little surreal. Below is Whole Fish #2, another gelatin silver print. More information on Kendra Spear can be found on her website here.Kendra1


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