New York: “12 Mexican Street Artists” Opens at Dorian Grey Gallery

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Manhattan’s Dorian Grey Gallery opens a stunning show, May 2, 2014 featuring Mexico’s top modern street muralists with photographs by Christophe von Hohnenberg. If you are in NYC and love street art, this is a must see. The show runs through June 16, 2014.

Mexican street art is vastly different from the NYC free style and wild style, though in a global world there has been cross pollination. Check out some of the street work by a few of the artists in the show, photographed by von Hohenberg.

Bebo (Tijuana, México). He studied philosophy at the UABC and Cultural Management at the Ibero Puebla. As a multidisciplinary artist has had a solo exhibition, Autoengaño inocente; Naif; meaning Lies Within Oneself. He has exhibited in Tijuana, Puebla, Barcelona and Berlin. He collaborated in a production of performing art for Carolina Herrera and Alejandro Jodorowsky. As curator he developed the project Marchante!, and exhibits for Elaboratorio, Vexindad, UDLAP and UTM
Dhear (Mexico City). As multidisciplinary artist, He is constanting producing public art, installation and graffiti, as well as works as an illustrator for editorial projects. His work is influenced by science fiction and obsessed with nature. His work has been published in Graffiti World Atlas, Street Sketchbook 2; Nuevo Mundo: Latin American Street Art Book and Neopsicodelia, Belio Magazine among others. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Morocco, Spain, and Mexico.
Pilars Cardenas Fusca (Sinaloa). She has a Masters degree in Psychoanalytic Theory by Centro de Investigación y Estudios Psicoanalíticos in México City and Art Direction for Cinema, Theater and Television by Escuela TAI in Madrid, Spain. She is an autodidact artist; she develops her work from personal experiences and social issues, to represent the human nature and the constant attempts of individuals to hide or disguise it as much as possible. Her work has been exhibited in Morocco, Spain and Mexico.

Mecamutanterio (Puebla). He studied graphic design at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain. In 2012 he developed the mural project called Villa Verde, 20 huge murals in a buildings located in the city of Puebla, with the support of CONACULTA. His work has been exhibited in Colombia, Ecuador, England, Holland, Spain and Mexico.


6Saner: Two of the most important aspects of Saner ‘s work are his clever decision of taking us closer to the symbolic and iconographic elements of Mexican popular culture, and to transport them to our time with an intense touch of subtle perversion and stimulating sense of humor. This has distinguish him as one of the most recognized Mexican muralists in the world. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Spain, United States, Mexico among others.

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