Mark Ryden’s “Gay 90’s West” Art at Kohn Gallery in Hollywood

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CARTWHEEL takes a look at some of Mark Ryden’s art featured in Kohn Gallery’s “The Gay 90’s” show, on view until June 28, 2013. In addition to the late 19th century-themed art, Ryden assembled musicians and produced a record for which he designed the cover.


Pop-surrealist Rydan often depicts girls with doe-like eyes staring meditatively into the distance. They may be accompanied (literally and musically as seen in the piece) by unexpected characters, like Jesus, or in other paintings wildlife and historical figures.


With this mega show, Ryden has made it clear he is the master of big eyed Lolitas. It’s time Pop Surrealism copycats¬† just need to find a new style (ditto on the use carefully manicured landscapes and standard sacred geometry. Go find your own symbols, seriously). Meat is a common theme in Ryden’s paintings, and really once Lady Gaga wore a meat dress based on the above painting, anyone else using meat as iconography should have realized meat was kinda stick-a-fork-in-it-done.



His paintings in this show are encased in elaborate gilded frames and hung on top of Pepto Bismol-hued walls which bring out the sheen of the meat and rosy cheeks of his characters.




Abraham Lincoln in this painting tells almost as much of a story as his frame, painstakingly embellished in enigmatic symbols of power.



While Ryden is well known for his paintings, collectors pursue his three dimensional sculptural work and his numerous highly sought after limited edition books and prints.



The Kohn Gallery is located on Highland near Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. More information on Mark Ryden’s “Gay ’90’s” show as well as hours and gallery contact information can be found on Kohn Gallery’s website here.¬†For additional photo coverage by Eric Minh Swenson, Cartwheel art Contributor, from the opening reception, please check out the post here.

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