California Locos Speak: “The Origins of Rebellion” Panel Discussion June 7

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Saturday, June 7th at 4pm, the California Locos–five artists, who over the past five decades, have shaped the Southern California art scene–discuss the evolution of LA surf-skate-street-art culture in panel, “The Origins of Rebellion” moderated by artist Anna Pomonis at Red Pipe Gallery, as a compliment to the “California Locos” group show.

These native Angelenos–Chaz Bojorquez, Dave Tourjé, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom, and Gary Wong–are inspired by sun, sand, and street culture; influenced by skate, punk rock, and the barrio.  In turn, they have influenced our cultural landscape. Saturday’s discussion promises to be an in depth look at these cultures, the artists’ philosophy and history, and their inspirations and methods.

Southern California’s subcultures flow unobstructed, shifting and cross-pollinating Cholo style and graffiti into skate into surf and music, an infinitely re-creating ouroboros. The California Locos take on the past, present and future of SoCal art with power and vigor.

We move from location to location, freeways connecting us to the beach and barrio, snaking through the city, concrete rivers that flow with the exchange of ideas. While the freeways act as physical barriers to neighborhoods, they also provide a means for union, joining disparate cultures, providing an escape from within the civic-imposed boundaries. Providing a canvas. Creating a soundtrack. The American Dream finds its fruition here in Southern California; from fields where oranges grew and oil was pumped has sprung not only housing developments and shopping malls, but a true melting pot of cultures and styles that outflow across the globe. And the California Locos, these five men, express this as they continue to impact art, culture and social politics here and beyond.

“California Locos” at Red Pipe Gallery 978 Chung King Road, and Medina 977 Chung King Road features all new work but this quintet of pioneers and is a must-see show which runs through June 28.

Please RSVP  for “The Origins of Rebellion” on the event’s Facebook page. Please arrive early, seating is limited.





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