Arts District Farmers Market Grand Opening June 19

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A farmers market means so much to a community: The market provides an opportunity to buy organic and locally sourced fruits, vegetables and other foods at reasonable prices. Local suppliers are supported. People browse the stands and interact with each other, creating a stronger community spirit. And it’s a sign that the community has come into its own, that it is strong enough in both size and economic power to support a weekly farmers markets.

The Downtown Los Angeles Arts District has reached that tipping point, and on Thursday June 19th, the Arts District Farmers Market will have its grand opening–complete with a sake cask smashing, a”carrot cutting” by Councilman José Huizar, a live music from Vignes Rooftop Revival, a beer garden sponsored by Angel City Brewery for those over 21, and a free tour of local murals and Arts District places of interest–including the site of the new Hauser & Wirth and Schimmel Gallery, and a sneak peek inside The Container Yard, a new emerging mixed-use creative space where many new murals have recently and, are currently being painted, led by Cartwheel Art founder and LARABA Board Member, Cindy Schwarzstein.

Councilman Huizar’s support has been vital to the Arts District. His office was behind the new Los Angeles Mural Ordinance which allows for the creation of  new murals as well as the utility box art project. In addition, Tanner Blackman, Planning Director for Council District 14 and one of the primary architects of the Mural Ordinance in his former position with the Department of City Planning recently co-hosted with Cindy Schwarzstein a tour of the Arts District, produced by Cartwheel Art for the Los Angeles section of the American Planning Association (APA LA).

The Arts District Farmers Market runs from 5pm to 9pm–it’s designed to encourage people who work to shop when they get home and facilitate community interaction–and the festivities begin at 6:30, with Cindy’s free tour starting at 7:30. The Arts District Farmers Market is located at the Triangle, aka. joel Bloom square, at Third and Traction by Angel City Brewery. Rose Street, which borders the west side of the Triangle, will be closed from Traction to Third streets for the duration of the event.

Farms, flower nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheesemakers and specialty food producers–including local beekeepers with their honey–will be vending, and 10% of the proceeds go back to the community via LARABA, the Los Angeles River Arts and Business Association. LARABA has screened the vendors

with a commitment to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality locally produced products available.

The vendors include Shear Rock Farm, South Central Farmers Cooperative, New Era Farm, Aunt Wyllie’s Apiary, Hilltop Family Farm, Lark farm, Susie’s Farm, Niki’s Farm Organic Free Range Eggs, Haney Ranch and Soledad Goat Cheese. Fur Baby Rescue puppies will be there, as well the Arts District’s own Blacktop coffee and Urban Radish. LARABA will also have a boooth shocasing local artists.

Come out and support the Arts District, local farmers and artisan food crafters, and celebrate the  Arts District’s Farmers Market. Meet your neighbors and the artists and residents who live in the Arts District (and you’ll learn even more about the Arts District on Cindy’s tour)

The tour will start at District Gallery across from Joel Bloom Square where Jonathan Gerald, LARABA and LADAD Space Board Member, will speak about the history of the Arts District. the tour will end with a sneak peek inside The Container Yard, also the location for an after-party event to the Farmers Market and festivities. At The Container Yard, guests will have the opportunity to watch live painting by LA artists Skeem, Love Crew, Sek and Phoebik, while enjoy ing drinks provided from Fair Quinoa Vodka, Jarritos, Outpost Cold Brewed Coffee and Caba Horchata. In addition, to checking out and shopping in the Vntgpop pop-up box, a sustainable brick and mortar alternative housing unique brands as a pop-up retail space showcasing artisan fashion both vintage and current that include Toni, Apliiq, Fresh Junky, Vntgpop and Superior Frames.

Facebook invite here.

All photos provided by Cindy Schwarzstein with the exception of the one below with the yummy strawberries is from LARABA. Top photo shows the “Cream of the Crop” mural in background by Dabs & Myla and How & Nosm that will be seen at the Farmers Market location and on the tour.


 One of the many vendors at the Farmers Market shown here with the mural of artist Damon Martin in the background.


 View from an area of the Farmers Market with the mural of artist, Lucy McLaughlin at Angel City Brewery in the background.



Photo from one of the past Cartwheel Art Tours that met at Joel Bloom Square where the Farmers Market is located. This Tour was for the American Planning Association and was co-hosted by Tanner Blackman, Planning Director at Los Angeles Council District 14 for Jose Huizar who was instrumental in creating the mural ordinance and who is a huge supporter with public art projects in Council District 14. Shepard Fairey’s “Peace Goddess” is in the background to the left and to the right by District Gallery is the Geisha mural by Damon Martin.

IMG_9828 (1)

 Murals by JR and Kid Zoom at Angel City Brewery can be seen from the Farmers market.


 Mural by Tristan Eaton at Zip Sushi Izakaya can be seen at the Farmers Market and will be part of the tour.


 Mister Cartoon will be seen on the tour.


Mural finished earlier this year by the UTI Crew with Petal, Black Light King and “Nuke” Montalvo and Mateo, a french artist that painted with the crew. The mural will be seen on the tour.


 Sneak peek of Septerhed’s new mural located inside The Container Yard that will be seen for the final stop on the tour.


 New mural collaboration by Angelina Christina, Ease, This Means Mar and Sek at The Container Yard will be seen on the tour.


 New mural in progress at The Container Yard by The Skeemz (shown here painting) and James Haunt that will be seen on the tour.


New mural by Zes MSK at The Container Yard will be seen on the last stop with the mural tour with Cindy.


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