Chilled Air Skates into Think Tank Gallery through July 12

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On June 21st  Luke Pelletier and Austin England took over the Think Tank Gallery and curated CHILLED AIR, a three week art and skate festival that featured art from thirty different painters, illustrators, sculptors, and installation artists. They transformed the venue into a fully functional public Skate Art Park that included mural covered skate ramps and hand crafted ramps produced by the company Keen Ramps.

The CHILLED AIR opening reception was astounding. Various giveaways took place throughout the night including a slap contest with a prize pack for highest wall ride, and the Stance Stage featuring a lineup of five local and non-local bands.

While skateboards have scuffed up most of the vibrant murals, the Skate Art Park will remain open until July 12th at the Think Tank Gallery.

For hours of operation please visit the official CHILLED AIR website at

Michael Hsiung – Jeffery Kubasak – Philip Morgan – Luke Pelletier – Austin England – Teddy Kelly – Michael Sieben – Yarrow Slaps – Miles Jackson – John F. Malta – Ben Jensen – Sheryo – The Yok – Dillon Froelich – Timothy Olson – Bryan Peterson – Nathan Brown – Russ Pope – Kristen M Liu – Brian Smith – Egan Franks – Scott Teplin – Sophie Roach – Ashley Niven – Ally Atchison – Christian Stearry – Clint Peterson – Eric McHenry – Ryan Ady Putra

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