Miryam Lumpini Brings “Safari” to Downtown Los Angeles

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Up and coming young artist Miryam Lumpini gave bananas a new meaning last Thursday, July 3 during her art debut “Safari,” a collaboration between Lumpini and Production Club at Lot 613 in the LA Arts District.

Since her arrival in Los Angeles, the petite yet vibrant Swede spent her days working hard to produce her own art show, and the artist finally made her wish come true with “Safari.”

While full-grown yellow bananas and jungle greenery took over the event, the true show stopper was indeed Lumpari’s obscure, tribal, raver-inspired, neon-specked paintings.

Upon arrival guest were immediately greeted by DJ Jen Lasher’s booming tribal mixes and an aide memoire of  Harry Belafonte’s Ripe Banana Song (Day O) from the Betteljuice soundtrack  which fit perfectly.

Also upon entrance was neon display of devil-horned flamingos. The standard-sized mural was not towering, however it did seem to demand a large amount of attention. Hung behind the evil flamingos were the rest of Lumpini’s paintings which were mainly posca, acrylic, and sharpie on wood.

Paintings like the Theresa became a reminder of a time such as the Middle Ages where women were idealized to be beautiful and pure however Lumpini’s Theresa was more like Rogier Van Der Weyden’s Portrait of a Lady, uncensored.

Many of her pieces like Love Birds and XO where feminine and beautiful, but never dainty. All her pieces exuded strength and a certain sexiness with a hefty hint of obscurity.

Don’t be fooled by her size, Lumpini, like her art pieces, is strong and definitely an artist to keep under the radar. Keep up with her whereabouts and work by visiting her blog and bathe your eyes in her urban acrylic masterpieces.

Top image: Miryam Lumpini poses with her flamingos



Love BirdsLove Birds

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