Cartwheel Art at ArtExpoSD: Pop, Goth, Prints, and Dark Progressivism

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ArtExpoSD starts in less than two weeks–we do our load-in on opening day, July 24 at 7am–well, we can start at 7am, but since Dahlia Jane and I driving down the day before with our art installer from @ColdFireArtCo to see the Latin Lovers play, we might be at the Wonder Bread Factory at 7am, though not really moving too fast….

But we have that handled because organizer Mark Murphy, a top San Diego designer and artist who teaches at Media Design School of Digital Arts will have students there helping us–ArtExpoSD is an immersion class experience where students take on different aspects of producing and promoting an art fair. And the Wonder Bread Factory is a great location–its loft-like atmosphere is funky and spacious and yet allows for visitors to interact with 50 exhibitors and view the work of 150 artists. All for free!

(Speaking of free, this link has printable tickets for the VIP party on Thursday July 24 from 4 to 9pm).

Cartwheel Art is the media sponsor for ArtExpoSD, and we’ve been give a wall of booths to showcase art that our contributors are involved with and care about.

Keith Dugas is bringing his own luscious, sharp pop art paintings.  Daniel Rolnik and  Ryan McIntosh  are exhibiting work from their company Intellectual Property Prints, including their own work, plus  Darcy Yates, Eric Joyner, Christine Wu, Jason Shawn Alexander, and Gregory Siff.

Dahlia Jane and I are curating booths. Dahlia is showcasing fine art works that challenge the stereotypical portrayals of femininity in popular culture, including works by sculptor Matthew Levin and painters Christopher UlrichJaclyn Alderete, Gail Potocki and Lara Dann that offer insight into the surreality of female identity.

And me–I’m presenting a selection of artists that reflect the Dark Progressivism genre, work  that moves literally and figuratively out of our area’s urban shadows, artists like Alex Defer Kizu, Ed Gutter, Katherine Brannock, Krown 187, and Rafael Reyes. On Saturday July 26 at 2pm, Reyes– whose band Prayers will have their music in the film Dark Progressivism: On Rupture to Rebellionwill be signing his book Living Dangerously which features illustrations by San Diego artists involved in the graffiti and tattoo scene.

I’m really thrilled to be able to preview a taste of Dark Progressivism at ArtExpoSD before we open Devil’s Town, a full blown Dark Progressivism show at Red Pipe Gallery August 2. Cartwheel Art is the the media sponsor for the film Dark Progressivism: On Rupture to Rebellion, and I’m an associate producer.

ArtExpoSD opens with a VIP reception Thursday July 24 from 4 to 9 and runs through July 26th (and there’s also an opening party July 25 from 6pm to 9pm).  Along with getting to see art we normally wouldn’t–that’s one of the great things about going out of town–we’ll be visiting some local spots of interest including Pokéz Mexican vegan/vegetarian restaurant which features local art on the walls; maybe dropping in at Lestat’s, an late night coffee shop; and who knows I might end up with another tattoo…

ArtExpoSD, July 24-26, 2014 at the Wonderbread Factory
121 14th St., San Diego.
VIP reception Thursday July 24, 4pm to 9pm
Friday July 25, 10am to 9pm (with another party from 6pm to 9pm!)
Saturday July 25th, 10am to 5pm

Top: Darcy Yates

NOTE: These images are representative of the artists we’re showing and these pieces may not be the actual work we hang.

Z1nPd5tNhwRq7v4GFjwB3Z-QyE0QWjzdPK8DMp0Wm2AKeith Dugas

cry of eevul Lara Dann

KBrannock_art_3Katherine Brannock

Screenshot 2014-07-11 22.44.26Daniel Rolnik

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