Save the Date: August 2, “The Streets Will Never Be the Same”

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On Saturday, August 2, the streets will never be the same, as Roy Paz presents his first time curation, a one night only pop-up at Kesspro Studios in the Downtown Los Angeles Art District, featuring over thirty artists including The Bleep Boop, Thrashbird, Benjamin Alejandro, Sek and Septerhed. The event–which will include food trucks, DJs, and a raffle–is presented by Paz’s company, Red Hot Art, KettleOne, RedBull and Coldcock Whisky, with Cartwheel Art as the media partner.

Paz, who moved to LA five years ago, fell in love with our street art and began posting his photos to Facebook and Instagram, tagging the artists and developing relationships through social media. He then moved onto collecting, and after attending art shows on a regular basis to support the artists and their work, realized that he’d discovered what he wanted to do in life: Create gallery events to showcase the art he loves so much.

Paz’s concept for “The Streets Will Never Be the Same”? Introduce the community to talented emerging street artists by exhibiting their works on canvas.  Paz realizes while we see murals across the city, usually while driving, many people don’t know artists who created these pieces, nor have have many been exposed to the artists’ non-street work.

Paz chose the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District for his debut curation because he loves everything this small community stands for, from the huge murals by the best artists in the world, the little artisan stores and the wide variety  of cafes and restaurants in the area. He believes more people need to value and cherish the art scene that we are lucky enough to have here in Los Angeles.

“The Streets Will Never Be the Same” is Paz’s way of giving back to the Los Angeles and  artists who make city more beautiful. When he first developed his interest in street art, murals were illegal:

I couldn’t help but think to myself, how awesome and selfless these artists are to risk their freedom and risk going to jail, just to make my walk down the street more interesting.

Now with the passage of 2013’s Los Angeles Mural Ordinance, the streets will be different, murals can be put up (and stay up), thanks to the new permitting process (To learn how to facilitate the mural process, contact CAMP, the Committee for the Advancement of Mural Proliferation).

Paz is giving back in another way:

I wanted to  donate proceeds of the sales to benefit something bigger than this event, and after speaking with my media partner, Cindy from Cartwheel Art, we both decided that the Epilepsy Foundation of L.A. would be the best route, as epilepsy has affected my family and hers. My brother Sam has suffered through it, Cindy’s son Spencer also suffers from epilepsy, and the brother of Bianca, one of Cartwheel Art’s contributors is also epileptic.

He adds:

I want to try and make a difference with this event and I would like to impact the community in the best possible way.

So save the date, August 2 for red hot night of art that will raise the bar for street artists and art enthusiasts. The streets will never be the same….

Artists in “The Streets Will Never Be the Same”:

MDMN, Morley, Bryan Snyder, Dirt Cobain,  WRDSMTH, LebA, Mr. Ramano,  Hero, Moncho1929, Teacher, War N Buff It, Phobik, Benjamin Alejandro, The BleepBloop, Septerhead, Thrashbird, Stromberg,  Sek,  Jennifer Korsen,  Matty Fontana, Trust icon,  Lucas Reynaud, Skott Marsi, Herbert Galarza, Kai Aspire, Liberated Objects




Moncho1929_100nara_36 x 52

Moncho 1929




Johnny Brushstrokes



Morley Greatest Danger


Marilyn Monroe Everything is a Copy of a Copy Benjamin Alejandro-L

Benajmin Alejandro


Septerhed and Liberated Objects

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