“Through the Veil”–Eerie Group Photo Show at Spring Arts Collective

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veilOctober is the month when macabre photography comes out in galleries, with emerging photographers having more of a chance to show their bits of darkness to the public. This month, the Spring Arts Collective showcases pieces by Todd Stern, Lindsey Vandewege, Tami Bahat, and Gina Valona in “Through The Veil” which also includes work by the particularly talented and morbid photographer Cartwheel Art has covered in the past, Lori Pond. “Through The Veil” explores the notion of how the membrane between life and death thins on All Hallows Eve. In addition to photography, there will be an altar installation by Liz Huston.

The show is open to the public from Oct. 1-31, with the official opening night Saturday October 4th from 7-10 p.m. The Spring Arts Collective is located on the second floor (the Mezzanine) of The Last Bookstore, on the corner of Spring Street and 5th in Downtown Los Angeles.

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