TOMORROW! One Night Only Boxes of Death, October 11

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Dig it! Boxes of Death returns to Southern California, now for the second time in Los Angeles. The show will open for one-night on Saturday October 11th from 6-10pm  at The Chun, 1258 w. 2nd St in DTLA.

Now in its fifth year, the traveling coffin show–yes, “boxes of death” are coffins, tabletop sized for your collecting pleasure–features fifty international artists that are painters, illustrators, graphic designers, motorcycle builders, tattoo and assemblage artists in addition to print makers. The roster includes Anthony Ausgang, Brennan Coyle, Dennis McNett, Isabel Samaras, Jessicka Addams, Devngosha, Craig Stecyk, and Camille Rose Garcia, who explore the option of a final bed in styles ranging from the traditional memorial coffin to the elaborately non traditional, like a guitar, a four-wheel drive car, a radio.

This year’s Boxes of Death is co-curated by Roq La Rue‘s Kirsten Anderson in partnership with Duffy from The Piranha Shop, both out of Seattle. The idea spawned from Kane Quaye, a famous coffin maker from Africa. His philosophy was that a coffin should not just be a pine box, but something that represents the person inside and their life. Each artist in the show uses the same coffin canvas format to create their own artistic statement surrounding the preconceived notions and ideas of the coffin shape. The artists and the viewers have a chance to step out of their comfort zone and faced with the idea of death, react to it.

Boxes of Death, sponsored by Juxtapoz, Rudy’s and Ninkasi, is a perfect way to start the Halloween season and to prepare  us for for the Inevitable.

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Video recap link from the Portland show here.


Video recap link from the Portland show here. 


From the Portland Show at Antler Gallery. Photo provided by Boxes of Death. 


 From the Portland show at Antler. Photo provided by Boxes of Death. 


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