“Let it Fly Project” Group Art Show at Angel City Brewery – Extended for Bloomfest

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Between October 2012 – June 2014 a public art project titled Let It Fly occurred in front of the home of Jimmy Ray Flynn located in Burbank, where 14 – 8′ x 8′ work’s of art were installed.

The artists that contributed passionately in the unique project were Septerhed, Max Neutra, Free Humanity, Gianni Arone, Phobik, KHno7, Jake Merten, MadMan, DogByte, Michael Ornstein, Gregory Siff, This Means MAR! and Annie Preece.

On Saturday October 18th at Angel City Brewery in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District,  14 – 8′ x 8′ pieces were installed for an opening event that showcased the pieces that were part of the project.  The show is on exhibition in Angel City Brewery’s new shed through Bloomfest on Saturday November 8th, 2014, which was just extended.

SPECIAL NOTE: Cartwheel Art has just added to Bloomfest LA programming for the FREE guided tours (Tour #4), supported by CD 14 during Bloomfest,  participants on this route to –meet a few of the artists and the curator of the show. Septerhed, Gianni Arone, Phoebik and MDMN will be the artists confirmed to be in attendance. All of these artists have murals at The Container Yard that will also be part of this tour route, providing an opportunity to see some of their most recent mural work. In addition, many of these artists have painted utility boxes supported by CD14. 

For more information, check out the Save the Date post here on CartwheelArt.com about the overall Bloomfest event and to learn more about the tours see the Save the Date post here where there are links to reserve space for this tour the other three tours of the day.

Back to the original article — Jimmy Ray Flynn explained to Cartwheel Art the following about the project:

“This once in a lifetime experience is one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. All of the artists who came to our home to create these amazing works of art, did so with great passion and desire to share with those who passed by in our neighborhood. It was truly something special.”

He continued:

“The pure essence of what street art, public art can be about. Create. Share. Inspire.I am proud to know these artists and grateful for their contributions.”

It is at Angel City Brewery that Jimmy’s hope will be for all to celebrate the public art project that occurred at his home with the intentions of keeping the spirit of the project alive with family, friends and strangers alike.

In addition to exhibiting the pieces from the Let It Fly Project, there is a 8′ x 8′ artwork created by 28 artists, including the following: Gregory Siff, SEK, Jennifer Korsen, Common Cents, FELIX, Gianni Arone, Spattah, Septerhed, XVALA, Bleep Bloop
Susan Gudstuf, Random Act, Moncho 1929, SMEAR, Teacher, Leba, KHNO7, PasteyWhyte, Phobik, DogByte, War N Buffet, Cindy Love, Hero, Cyrus the Vyrus, Biirdie Bird, Mr. Ramano, Thrashbird, jimmyrayflynn honoring the memory of Jef Campion /Army of One.

The back of the panel is signed by all of the artists who contributed to the creation of the work, which evolved over a five week period, earlier this year. This piece will be raffled off at $10.00/ticket with 100% of the proceeds being donated to The Wounded Warrior Project and Ronald McDonald House in Jef’s name.

When Cartwheel Art asked Jimmy what the connection was for him to have had all the artists collaborate on a tribute piece for Jef Campion, his response was

“It just seemed to be the right thing to do. Here was this incredible man, Jef Campion, who gave so much of himself, with great passion to his art, to those he touched in his life. Now gone. A tremendous void in place.”

“To find a way to honor his memory was what I wanted to do. It really began with Teacher. When I saw the stencil that he created, shortly after Jef passed away, I got in touch with him. He graciously came by to my house and stenciled the artwork on my garage door. Not long after that, I had the thought to create the tribute piece.
There’s a lot of love and respect for Jef out there in the world. And even though I never met him, he inspired me. The tribute piece evolved over the course of 5 weeks. Some of the artists knew him. Some did not. ”

“In the end, it’s a beautiful work of art. A true collaboration. A labor of love and respect for a good man.”

I personally l felt a connection to Jef Campion thanks to time spent together in Miami and New York during the art fairs and again when he was a panelist for a discussion with Jim Daichendt that included artists of which Jef  was one, for his book Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art, at the 11th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair.

It is going to be a nice opportunity to participate in donating to The Wounded Warrior Project and Ronald McDonald House in Jef’s name. while possibly scoring a wonderfully, unique work of art in the process.

The show will run through Bloomfest LA on Saturday November 8th.


Firefighter/artist Jef Campion, aka Army of One displays Diane Arbus image he repurposed at the West Hollywood Book Fair.


 Jef provided insight on how he dealt with a 2011 arrest for street art, yet worked as a firefighter for 26 years when he was on a panel in Oct ’12


A collaboration of 28 artists honoring the memory of Jef Campion / Army of One.


From left to right: Max Neutra / This Means MAR! / KHNO7 / Annie Preece.


Gregory Siff


Stencil by Teacher in tribute for Jef Campion /Army of One on the garage door of Jimmy Arone’s home.


 Brick made and placed in the yard of Jimmy Arone while the tribute piece was being installed on the front of his family home. 

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