Save the Date April 11: “La Bulla” at Plaza de la Raza

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Ray Vargas

¡Viva Luche Libre! On April 11, experience “La Bulla” at Plaza de la Raza. Like its inspiration, Mexican wrestling, this show is gonna be larger than life, colorful and over top with 70 artists including Defer, Gaijin Fujita, Ed Gutter, Antonio Pelayo, Isaac Pelayo, Phowl, Prime, Esmeralda  Villarreal, Matthew Weinberg, and Jaime Germs Zacarias, plus live music, and yes–live wrestling matches!

Co-presenter Dan Madigan writes:

Art, music and lucha libre, three forms of expression ignited by desire and fueled by passion. La Bulla encompasses all three and more, we are followers and fans of the artist, musician and luchador. La Bulla admires their talent and respects their sacrifice. Our logo is the visual representation of our mission statement, the luchador’s mask is our canvas and musical notes and the artisan’s tools are our subject matter, combined they create the picture we want to share with the world. Combined they create our declaration of intent. Combined they bring together feverish excitement and unbridled enthusiasm. Combined they create La Bulla.

Early bird tickets are $5 right now on Flavorus

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