Mother’s Day Art: John Kilduff’s Flowers Last Forever

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I love flowers! It’s so sweet and thrilling to receive a bouquet. And oh the joy of one that lasts forever! No, I’m not talking paper or plastic, but paint, specifically artist John Kilduff’s beautiful bouquets available through May 10 at Daniel Rolnik Gallery.

In a special wink at floral delivery services, you can special order a bouquet online, specifying flowers, colors and size and even a balloon or teddy bear (prices start at $34.95). You can get even more specific: A rose bearing Rolls Royce, blue daisies, or for the more macabre mom, a vanitas skull vase with wilting tulips. Want to discuss the art in person? Drop by the gallery in Santa Monica and work with Kilduff one on one (or take mom out for an early Mother’s Day trip to Rolnik’s Santa Monica gallery and let her design her lasting proof of your love)

Gallerist Rolnik points out that not only are these flowers that last forever, but that by

buying our paintings as an alternative to living flowers, you are doing your part to fight the California drought.


Daniel Rolnik Gallery
1431 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Monday through Sunday, noon to 7pm


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