Save the Date: “In the Heart of the City” Opens June 6th

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In the Heart of the City

Opening June 6, The Spring Arts Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, upstairs from The Last Bookstore, hosts “In the Heart of the City” showcasing the original art of Morley, Colette Miller, Jennifer Korsen, AJ Hererra, and Sex, Drugs & Art.

The exhibition is designed to highlight a movement  seen in Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas and features artists who capture and send positive, encouraging messages emblazoned on street corners, electrical transformer boxes, brick walls, and sidewalks and even in small installations in the cracks of buildings. Curator Jena Priebe explains that:

They are encouraging us that we can do it. They are giving directly to us what social and news media so often falls short of: hope. With the constant drama of what passes for television news and forlorn messages on social media. We’re overwhelmed with a barrage of negativity. This inspired the show “In the Heart of the City” comprised of artists that have taken their message of encouragement, love and hope to the streets.

Messages like Morley’s “You are so much stronger than you think” and Sex, Drugs & Art’s LA Street Sign Series “One Way” heart & “Relax” are a few examples of this positive messaging.

Priebe continues:

The show celebrates these artists that freely give their messages of positive humanity to us.

The exhibition space is located on the mezzanine above The Last Bookstore on 5th & Spring in Downtown Los Angeles at 453 South Spring Street. The show will run from June 6th through July 29th.  Artists will be present for the opening reception, June 6th from 7pm-10pm, and there will be a DJ and refreshments. In addition, several artists will have some merchandise available for sale and Morley will be signing his recently released book If You’re Reading This, There’s Still Time, available at The Last Bookstore, downstairs from The Spring Arts Gallery.

AJ Hererra

AJ Hererra



Colette Miller- Angel City

Colette Miller

sex, drugs & art

Sex, Drugs & Art

Jennifer KorsenI_heart_los_angeles

Jennifer Korsen

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