Tonight – The First Downtown LA Art Walk Short Film Festival & These Days with Wild Life and Calder Greenwood!

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Photo by Stephen Zeigler from These Days of Wild Life for his installation this evening at 118 Winston.

Tonight is the second thursday of the month and that means it’s time for the Downtown LA Art Walk – a great experience with people from all over the area, strolling visiting galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars.

However this evenings Downtown LA Art Walk, is introducing a new feature — the Art Walk Short Film Festival — which will be the first of its kind and an important step in the efforts to include more dynamic and diverse mediums into the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. The intention as well is to tie-in that over the last hundred years, the city of Los Angeles has been synonymous with the film industry. The festival organized and curated by Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, in collaboration with the Regent Theater and NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) will feature 10 short films from LA-based artists and filmmakers, such as Matthew Kaundart (The Cardboard Artist and Randyland)), Terrel Moore (After the Fire), Sri Sharan (Akash), Colette Miller (The Global Angel Wings Project) and more to include the documentary films: Elgin Park, Ryan McGinness, Joburg Party, The Past is in the Present: At Home with Gunther Schuller, and Sugar Coated along with others. Each set of films, comprised of five films each, will be looped continuously throughout the evening from 5-10pm and will conclude with a special guest appearance by one of our featured artists and filmmakers. The Regent Theater located at 448 South Main Street.

At The Regent Theater will also be a special surprise art installation by The Cardboard Artist (aka. Calder Greenwood) that we are extremely excited to experience. He will also, be having an open studio and after party at Calder’s Rad Pad, at 118 Winston where These Days gallery space and Indian Alley are located. For those that do not know Calder, he is the LA based artist who creates large-scale, three dimensional, elaborate paper mache street art pieces (frequently in collaboration with artist Wild Life who is the featured artist in residence at These Days), that are installed throughout the city and who is featured in the short documentary film The Cardboard Artist. This will be a really special opportunity that is not to be missed tonight both at the Regent with his installation and the film screening along with for his open studio and after party downstairs from These Days at 118 Winston Street.

As for the galleries that are participating in the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk — One of the most highly anticipated and unique experiences, will be found at 118 Winston in These Days gallery space, where Indian Alley is located as well as Calder Greenwood’s studio (aka The Cardboard Artist). It is at These Days, where the elusive artist, Wild Life, who has been in residence since June 1st, creating an experimental installation that recreates a functioning artist studio in a gallery setting along with art pieces that are based on mythologies of his own conception that will be displayed in the gallery. The studio he has constructed thus will not only act as a workspace, but also as an interactive art installation where viewers will be invited to engage with the exhibit, offering an intimate view into the artists’ process.

There will also be a series of videos screened that were created from Wild Life’s street art installations at These Days. The images, poetically time lapsed from start to finish, give the viewer a rare glimpse of the process of urban (and often-illegal) street art installs.


The other participating galleries for tonight’s Art Walk besides These Days, include: DAC Gallery, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery, Carol Cirillo Stanley Studio Gallery, REN Gallery, Oli Von Studio, Howard Griffin Gallery, and Wiznu Labs. Details follow that are provided by Los Angeles Art Walk:

Art Walk Lounge — 634 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013, 6-10pm. Curated by Martha De Perez and Enrique N. Garcia

In following with this month’s film and video theme, the Art Walk Lounge will be organizing a series of small exhibitions related to the art of short film and movie production. The exhibition, which will include a private collection of film and theater posters (many for sale) as well as an exhibition by celebrity portrait artist Emily Reese, is sure to satisfy art and movie enthusiasts inspired by LA’s long history in film production.

There will be a monthly Art Walk Map, provided by the Los Angeles Times,  available at the Art Walk Lounge and all participating galleries. Complimentary refreshments, courtesy of Perrier, will also be made available to Art Walk patrons.

4 Rights to Place: Group Exhibition — Downtown Art Center Gallery, 431 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Opening Reception: 7-9 PM)
Curated by Allen Terrell, the Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery is pleased to present 4 Rights to Place. Establishing a physical place for each aspect of our lives not only speaks of our search for conveniences, but also represents the stages in our search for an ideal. No home seems perfect, no work location seems perfect, yet we continue to fabricate the belief that we can find that one locale that fulfills all of our abstract expectations. This desire for “place” consumes us, and impacts many aspects of decision-making. In this exhibition, works by Wendell Frank, Shon Kim, Ty Pownall, and Diane Silver are imbued with an unconscious directional force, expressing what each artist believes may be the perfect place, at a specific moment in time.

Pulse — Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, 727 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90014
GDCA is proud to present “PULSE”, a group exhibition celebrating the mediums of painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture. Participating artists for this event will include Rhea Ashcraft, Edwin Baker III, Michele Castagnetti, William Roy Eckert, Heather Gordon, Dina Herrmann, Robert Hickland, Paul Kauffman, Stuart Marcus, Michael Moon, Colby Murray, Tanya Ragir, SAQ & Robert Toll.

Urban Still Life — Carol Cirillo Stanley Studio Gallery, 112 W. 9th St. #507, Los Angeles, CA 90014
“Urban Still Life”, an intriguing photographic exhibition created in DTLA creates a new perspective of design found within the modern cityscape. Continuing through June, this unique show will be open on June 11th from 5 to 8 pm and by appointment, 949-633-8961. Two pieces from the new portfolio “Botanical” will also be on display.

Strength In Numbers — REN Gallery, 601 S. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles CA 90014
Showcasing works from a wide selection of LA-based artists, the June 11th exhibition curated by Renee Warren will feature abstract paintings from Robert Reynolds and Tadeusz Torzecki, photo pop art from Alan Locke, collage work from Rob Grad, machine wood art from Mike Anderson, stainless steel sculptures from Gary Traczyk, and a selection of limited edition pop and street art prints by Modern Multiples.

Studio Play — Oli Von Studio, 603 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles CA 90014
Located next door to the REN Gallery, Oli Von studio, the newest artist space to join the DTLA art scene, will be organizing an exhibition for Art Walk night that includes several digital artists, a live music set from Swedish artist Philippa Magnusson, and a photo booth set up by Oliver Ponce. Artwork featured that night will be looping on special screens by LIKUID ART, a digital arts company that collaborates with major artists to create a series of screen graphics that morph from one image into another.

Journey Galactiko — Howard Griffin Gallery, 724 South Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014
Broken Fingaz are a world-renowned psych-pop graffiti collective from Haifa, Israel. Since their founding in 2001, its members Unga, Kip, Tant and Deso have worked prolifically on the international art scene, with a practice that extends to graphic design, music, film and installation. Using bold lines and acid pop colours, Broken Fingaz’ work visually alludes to ‘80s comic book illustrations and pulp horror. Exploring two of art history’s oldest themes – sex and death – the BF confront viewers with humorous, controversial and often sexually explicit imagery, that contemplates notions of the abject through a confrontation with the baseness of humanity and its suppressed desires. Howard Griffin Gallery will be open on June 11th for a soft premiere of the newest exhibition from the Israeli arts collective. This show is Broken Fingaz’ debut at the Gallery, and first exhibition in the USA.

Chi.LA: Rocking Out of Chicago to Rebirth the D.T.L.Angels —, 724 South Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014
WIZNU Labs is excited to announce that they will be celebrating their 2-year anniversary on June 11th, from 6 to 11pm. The focus of this event will be film and video and will feature collaborative works from Michael Wisnieux including “Displacement”, “Sonic Butterfly Productions”, “World Art Day/IAA”, and Michael’s most recent presentation, “Chi.LA: Rocking Out of Chicago to Rebirth the D.T.L.Angels.” Confirmed filmmakers for this event are Michael Wisnieux, Kenneth Mader from Maderfilm Productions, and

Smile! A Photo Anthology — Arts Brookfield, Bank of America Plaza (lobby), 333 South Hope Street, Los Angeles CA 90071
The smile, one of life’s most basic and primary expressions, will be the centerpiece of the exhibition, which features more than 80 photographs of smiles from around the world, in situations ranging from moments of elation to moments of relief. Commissioned by Arts Brookfield, Smile! A Photo Anthology by VII showcases the work of VII Photo Agency, a cooperative made up of 19 of the world’s leading photojournalists. Exploring the complexities of a seemingly simple emotion, Smile! takes visitors on a visual global journey—from a joyous celebration marking the end of hostilities in Kosovo to fans rocking out at a Justin Bieber concert in Switzerland. The images in this collection were selected by Ed Kashi and Ron Haviv, members of VII, culled from work produced over a 30-year span.

Music + Dance: LA — Farmers & Merchants Bank, 401 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
The American Contemporary Ballet is proud to present to the people of Los Angeles, Music + Dance: LA! This special event, which is part of the American Contemporary Ballet’s summer programming series throughout June and July, will feature live performances of dance and music in dynamic, contemporary settings with all seating at stage level. Original programs feature American Contemporary Ballet in new works and masterpieces of 20th century dance, accompanied by some of Los Angeles’ finest musicians. Each one-hour performance is followed by a reception with the artists, drinks, and live jazz. Los Angeles Times called MUSIC+DANCE:LA “…a welcome new series…” and Los Angeles Magazine called it “…a seductive and engaging synthesis of dance and music.”




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