Bansky Dismaland Has West Coast Artists We Love!

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Banksy’s Dismaland is a huge hit on the Internet and will be even more epic in real life.

Showcasing “The finest collection of contemporary art ever assembled in a North Somerset seaside town,” Dismaland features artists like Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer and Jimmy Cauty, and a slew of artists from the West Coast that we’ve featured  here on and other whose art has been seen in Downtown Los Angeles, highlighted by Cindy Schwarzstein on the Cartwheel Art tours.

We got some shots from these artists, and will be posting more we get them. We are so proud and excited for them! Here’s a look from the Facebook of Tacoma-based Josh Keyes’ who has work in Dismaland:


And here’s a piece of his work from the gallery, via @dismaland_official

Screenshot 2015-08-21 01.19.16

Bill Barminsky –tapped by Banksy to be head of Dismaland security, sent us his clip behind the scenes, where you can see his art featured, including a  painted cardboard megaphone, with more photos below.

Also representing Southern California, Scott Hove, Mike Ross, Laurie Hassold and Jeffrey Gillette. Gillette, whose work is part of the Cartwheel Art collection, posted this on his Facebook page:

It is Appropriate that Laurie and I spent two days Making the hundreds of distressed looking Mickey Mouse Ears that the workers will be wearing for Dismaland. Made out paint can lids, and put onto theme park personnel that are instructed to act Dismal to patrons. ‪#‎Banksy‬, ‪#‎dismaland‬
— with Laurie Hassold.

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Laurie also sent us these images of a piece that she and her husband Jeffrey collaborated on that is in the gallery. It’s a Banksy rat skeleton holding an umbrella in front of a large painted slumscape they call Apocalyptopia.  It was seen on the CNN spot that aired last night.



Scott Hove, whose sinister cake work was featured at the 2015 LA Art Show for La Luz de Jesus’ booth in Littletopia, and then in April exhibited new works, the astounding Pussy Jihad collection at La Luz, contributed these two pieces for the gallery, according to his Facebook page:

raw-5 raw-7

Also included: Greg Haberny, from NYC, whose work was in Cartwheel Art’s first gallery show at Project Gallery and whose work Cindy collects.

More Barminski:

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