“Common Side Effects” with Ed Templeton at Huntington Beach Art Center, Opens Tonight!

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Huntington Beach Art Center will be presenting the work of Huntington Beach local, Ed Templeton in the exhibition titled Ed Templeton “Common Side Effects” that opens tonight from 6-9pm. The exhibition is a survey of 20 years of investigations into photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media, along with a curated selection of local photographers, curated by Templeton. The photographers are Nolan Hall, Grant Hatfield, Deanna Templeton, Soncho Williams and Devin Briggs. The exhibition will run from September 12 – November 7, 2015.

Ed Templeton (born 1972) is an iconic figure in the subculture of skateboarding. His paintings, photographs, drawings, and mixed-media installations take their inspiration from the skate community he is a part of and the suburban environment in which he lives. Templeton is also a two-time world-champion professional skateboarder since 1990, and the creator of Toy Machine, a skateboard company. His work has been exhibited at MOCA, Los Angeles, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, S.M.A.K. Museum, Belgium, Ernst Muzeum, Budapest, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, Kunsthalle, Vienna, and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, UK. He lives and works in Huntington Beach, California.

Known both as a painter and photographer documenting the people and culture surrounding the iconic pier in Huntington Beach, Common Side Effects is a survey of old work along with new paintings and drawings directly inspired from this emersion into his coastal suburban environment. Common Side Effects extends Templeton’s diaristic observances into a compelling visual analysis of the concrete experiences, perceptions, and idiosyncrasies of this hyper-local existence.

From Templeton:

“I have chosen 5 local photographers in whose work the city of Huntington Beach and the people who gravitate here are a prominent feature. In their photography there’s a subtle social commentary and a steadfast dedication to the documentary style with its unflinching “taking the rough with the smooth” approach – we see the dirt and cobwebs collecting in the corners of this suburban paradise while we are simultaneously beholding the beauty. All of these photographers (myself included) have a connection to the surfing and skateboarding communities that are endemic to Huntington Beach and southern California. Through their photographs one can see a portrait of a time and place emerge that will be a lasting time capsule to this particular era of “beach culture” we live in. “

The following is more about the local photographers selected by Templeton:

Nolan Hall (Born 1985) is the team manager for the Vans surf team, a job that has him travelling around the world with an amazing cast of people. His photographs are pulled from his journeys documenting the places and cultures he visits and the extraordinary people he’s surrounded by. His work has been featured in numerous publications worldwide. He is represented by Paul Loya gallery, Los Angeles.
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Devin Briggs (Born 1990) is a videographer for Captain Fin and a social media manager for Vans Surf who was born and raised in Huntington Beach. Informed by his lifelong participation in the skateboard, surfing and graffiti scenes of southern California Devin’s photography exposes the absurdities of life in HB with poignant visual observations. His work has been exhibited at galleries in the US and Australia and has been featured in numerous magazines and zines.
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Deanna Templeton (Born 1969) is a photographer born and raised in Huntington Beach who spent her teenage years filled with angst going to punk shows all over the southland. Her photography is a mixture of candid street scenes and portraits of people she finds a personal visual connection with. Her work has been shown extensively at galleries in the US and Europe, including solo museum exhibitions in Germany and Holland. She has 3 books of her work published, along with numerous zines. She is represented by Fifty One Fine Arts gallery in Belgium.
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Billy “Soncho” Williams (Born 1994) was born and raised in Huntington Beach. He has recently returned home from a stint as a bike courier in San Francisco and is now working part time at a clothing store. Billy (Also known as Captain Soncho) has been lurking around HB shooting photos for years. He started shooting in his freshman year of high school and has never stopped. (He is the only one of this group that shoots with a digital camera as well as film.) He shoots his local skate and music scene with enthusiasm. He has been included in gallery exhibitions in California, and has many zines featuring his photography.
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Grant Hatfield (Born 1986) is a content contributor to Vans Skate and is a vintage clothing reseller based in Long Beach. For the last 10 years (when he’s not surfing or skating himself) he has been documenting the skateboard subculture and life in southern California with a sharp wit and an eye for the comic moments of daily life here. His work has been shown in galleries in the US and Australia and has been published in numerous zines and magazines.
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Note: All of these photographers have photo zines available through Deadbeat Club Press:

Preview images follow:


Sneak peek of the show with work by Deanna Templeton. Photo by Ed Templeton.


Sneak peek of the show. Photo by Ed Templeton.


Sneak peek of the show. Photo by Ed Templeton.


Sneak peek of the show. Photo by Ed Templeton.


New Zine by Ed Templeton to debut at opening tonight. Photo by Ed Templeton.


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