Lifestyle Presets “Making Waves” with work by Karlos “Bumps” Martinez, Joe “Prime” Reza and Marcel “Sel” Blanco

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Cartwheel Art presented the work of Prime at at Street Art Fair a few weeks back. Karlos “Bumps” Marquez was also showing next to us. We have been following the work of Marcel “Sel” Blanco for awhile too. With that we are excited to announce that a new exhibition presented by Lifestyles is opening tonight with all new work by the three Los Angeles artists. The title of the exhibition is “Making Waves” and the basis of the collection is  about Clear, fluid and shapeless, yet powerfully cleansing and transformative, water. The opening reception from 6pm-10pm at 2408 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405.

As described further about the exhibition:

The collection explores water as a metaphor for growth and change and the complexities of challenging personal as well as societal stereotypes. The show has the following description: “Water is boundless on its own and yet takes the shape of the boundaries where it is contained, and while at times harnessed, it is never fully controlled. The properties of water are diverse and profound; Destructive and healing, flowing at times and forceful at other with the distinct ability to change form. Water is an enigma and this body of delves into that concept in a way that will delight the senses and challenge the intellect.”

Here is a preview of the images of some of the work:

MAKING WAVES - Front 01 online







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