Carlos Luna Studio Visit Part of Miami Art Tour with Cartwheel Art Tours and Art Ambassador Tours

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Cuban-born Carlos Luna draws upon Cuba’s rich, often forgotten rural culture and popular wisdom to create his works which often feature images of  folklore characters, roosters, horses and other animals, as well incorporating text.

Luna, whose exhibition “Green Machine: The Art of Carlos Luna” was seen by thousands of visitors at Miami’s Frost Museum, will be opening his studio to guests of the tour with Cartwheel Art Tours and Art Ambassador Tours (#ArtTourMiami), during Miami Art Week 2015. An award-winnning painter in his country of birth and part of the Cuban art movement, “Art of the 80s” which drew international attention, Luna left Cuba in 1991 for Mexico. There, he says, he entered a phase of exploration and development, one which continues through today.

As an extremely culturally rich country, Mexico gave me several tools, and the possibility to begin to freely create my life, my family, and my art.

After a decade in Mexico, Luna and his family emigrated to the United States where his career has continued to flourish with both gallery and museum shows, including an exhibition of his paintings with Pablo Picasso’s ceramics at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale and Miramar Cultural Center Artspark, which then traveled to Mexico. Luna says:

Everything has a flow in the States, and being exposed to the great market along with a much more diverse and large public has been crucial to my work.

The artist’s process is different for each piece. He explains:

Sometimes I work on a group of them, other times I focus on just one. But they all take the same amount of special detail, doesn’t matter if they are big or small.

The visit to Luna’s studio will give tour guests an opportunity to discuss and explore the artist’s work in an intimate setting and to gain an understanding of Cuba’s emergence as art force in the 1980s, effects of the Cuba diaspora on artists, and of course the art of Carlos Luna.

Carlos Luna-Ulises Regueiro copy 2

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