Art Basel in 25 Days

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In the Fall of 2015 I took a 25 day roadtrip with Angelina Christina from Los Angeles to Miami and back for Art Basel. Angelina and I were accompanied on the way to Miami by Kevin Ledo (Montreal). Once in Miami I documented Angelina working on five projects: Two collaborations with Fanakapan (London), two group walls, and a live paint at the peak of Art Basel in Wynwood. When I wasn’t working with Angelina I was able to cover dozens of other artists creating new murals in Wynwood and Little Haiti. Before leaving South Florida I made my way up to West Palm Beach to take photos of some of the recently completed murals for CanvasWPB. During our trip I travelled through New Mexico’s Spirit of The Mountain Trail, drank absinthe in New Orleans, interacted with dozens of the most talented muralists, argued with a rastaman over money/honor, slept very sporadically, ate delicious food, took portraits of babes, street artists, murals, virtually anything interesting in my surroundings, and while all the photos may not show the trip I’m describing and a few details have been left out to protect the innocent(ish), I can tell you that the nine galleries found at make up 25 days that will not soon be forgotten. At the center of all this is my good friend and collaborator Angelina Christina. Angelina in my opinion is one of the top five muralists working today so for her to be so supportive of my work has been a true honor. She also happens to easily be the nicest, hardest working, most giving person I have ever met. Our bond grew strong over this trip so please look out for more work together in the future.

Jay Kantor
IG: @kungfubreakfast

Top photo: Completed Angelina Christina/Fanakapan wall in Wynwood



Dourone working on a collaboration with Marina Zumi in Little Haiti


Angelina Christina working on a collaboration in The Old RC Cola Plant in Wynwood with Fanakapan for The Bushwhick Collective and Mana Urban Arts


Completed Space 52 Mural Project in Wynwood – Artists (From left to right): Esao, Cyrcle, Drew Merritt, Tristan Eaton, David Flores, Kinsey, Stephen Bliss, Hush, Richard Henderson, and Askew


Completed Drew Merritt mural of George Harrison for Space 52 Mural Project in Wynwood


Completed Angelina Christina/Fanakapan mural at The Old RC Cola Plant in Wynwood for The Bushwhick Collective and Mana Urban Arts


Kobra in West Palm Beach for CanvasWPB


Hula in West Palm Beach for CanvasWPB


Completed Stefano Alcantara mural in Wynwood


Angelina Christina portion of a collaborative wall organized by Himbad in Wynwood


Angelina Christina and Kevin Ledo in The Spirit of The Mountain Trail in New Mexico during our road trip to Miami


Kevin Ledo working on a collaboration with Fin Dac in Wynwood


Kobra working on a mural in Wynwood


Amandalynn working on a mural in Wynwood


Esao’s completed mural next to Cyrcle in progress both for the Space 52 Mural Project in Wynwood


James Oleson working on a collaboration with Zulu and Sebastian Coolidge in Wynwood


Angelina Christina at 2alas and Greg Mike’s studio prepping a canvas for a live paint in Wynwood for ABV gallery


Nove working on his mural in Wynwood


Completed Solus mural in The Old RC Cola Plant in Wynwood for The Bushwhack Collective and Mana Urban Arts


Completed Wander and Wayfare wall in Wynwood for Rocha Arts – Artists (from left to right): Angelina Christina, Lauren YS, Amandalynn, Caratoes, Hueman, Elle, and Tati Suarez


Mikael Brandrup portion of group wall in Little Haiti for In Heroes We Trust



IMG_2147Jay Kantor: Jay is an emerging photographer/filmmaker born and raised in Southampton, Massachusetts and is now based in Los Angeles, California. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Film and Photography from Ithaca College, he emerged from the Art Center College of Design with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graduate Film. Jay’s films have screened nationally at The Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Evil City Film Festival, and Los Angeles Independent Artist Film Festival.

Jay is probably best known for his street art photography under the moniker Kung Fu Breakfast, covering murals and graffiti all across The United States. Jay has worked closely with artists such as Angelina Christina, David Flores, Kevin Ledo, Jules Muck, Fanakapan, and Dourone

His passion for art and collaboration, eye for image making, and rhythm for editing has put him on the forefront of today’s working artists.

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