The Scoop on Coming into Art Basel, by “Sticky” Shaw

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I made a decision at the last minute to go to Miami for Art Basel. But, it did not begin well as Thursday night I missed my connector flight and then we landed in a rainstorm, that felt sketchy. So, let’s pretend Thursday never happened.

Friday, it rained most of the day but it cleared up towards the end, so we went to Wynwood Walls to check out Kenny Scharf’s art show, and all the amazing street artwork that was going on in the neighborhood. I did a little of my own street art too.

My good friend Sarah Sperling, had passes for us to go to see Jamie XX, at MANA Contemporary in Wynwood, where he played a DJ set. It was AMAZING!! I think I danced for like 4 hours that night. My friends could’t hang anymore, but the night was not over for me. From there, I went to this really cool dirty dance dive bar, that I think was called the Electric pickle. I met some really cool art kids there, and talked to some pretty girl as well. But at 5 am I began thinking all the girls that are there at that time, are prostitutes, so it was a good time to get the hell out of there.

Saturday it was raining again. But by night it started to clear up, so we headed towards south beach to check out my good friend Hannah Stouffer’s art show at The Shore Club. The art looked really good. From there, we snuck into this really cool party on the beach .. maybe it was called Brickel? There were lots of artist models and actors, you know all the cool people. Some of the good looking ones, went skinny dipping.  I ended up with a bottle of tequila in my hands and at one of my favorite bars in south beach, The Deuce, a funky dive bar with pool tables, that is legendary. It’s where all the rock & roll people go.

After sleeping in on sunday, I went to south beach where I  met up with one of my old friends from Newport NEWPS, Tara Holt. she is an amazing actress model and I thought it would be fun for us to check out SCOPE together. SCOPE does an amazing job with their show. I hung out there for what I think was like four hours. Although, it was a psychedelic experience to say the least, so am not quite sure. After SCOPE, we went to a fabulous dinner at the Drunken Dragon.

Monday was a slow day, But I went to see one of my favorite artist’s and old friend Madsteez, who had a painting project at a very difficult site. Its was fun watching him do his magic, and I got to help little bit.

Overall, I was just there for a short time. The weather wasn’t the best, but I have so many amazing stories.  If you’ve never been to art Basel Miami, its a must. Even though I’m not a big fan of Miami personally, as I am more of a punk rocker,  but becuase the first week of December it is taken over with artist’s, it’s a good time to go get weird, check out some of the best art from all over the world, eat some delicious food, and make some new friends …

See you next year!

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IMG_4872Robert “Sticky” Shaw. Sticky is a Los Angeles based artist. Born in sunny Newport Beach, California, he struggled with learning disabilities growing up. In high school he turned to art as an escape from the traditional school structure he found challenging. He thrived on the creative freedom that art finally allowed him, and now it has become the most defining piece of his identity. His art, in conjunction with his other passions, music and snowboarding, has led him to collaborations with brands in the skate, surf and snow industry as well as in the music industry. Travel is a big part of his artistic inspiration, be it between music festivals or ski resorts. He’s always on some fantastic adventure to who-knows-where hanging out with the most interesting people, collecting new ideas along the way. He most recent adventure has brought him to Berlin, where he is making art and exploring the most eclectic city in the world.

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