Tech Art steals the show at Miami Art Week 2015, by Michelle Berc

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As a curator who has produced close to 100 art exhibits over the past fourteen years, looking at art and a lot of art has happened and continues to happen. I have to admit that I’m a bit jaded at times and it really takes a particular artistic execution to really capture my eye. When one spends a week in Miami each year in early December, looking at art and I mean complete overload of A LOT of art, it’s like going on that deep amazon jungle adventure and you really wonder if you’ll ever make it out alive.

So, it went something like this…. I’ve been to “Art Basel Miami” on and off for several years and I’ve learned which fairs I truly enjoy and even though I’ll visit almost all of them, it never fails that the favorites maintain their reputation. Without further ado, Art Miami, Miami Context, Scope, and Aqua Miami never disappoint. To sum it all up, Tech Art stole the show, meaning from all the art fairs as a whole.

In a world that is over inundated with visual stimulation in all its forms, it has to happen, humanity progresses, so must the art that we create. Fifteen to twenty years ago, anything that was not created skillfully with oil or acrylic paint on canvas would not be considered viable art (aka collectable) so, it was very refreshing to see the art world slowly evolve over the years and finally embrace new art mediums.

LED art, kinetic art, video art, and mix-media art were the show stoppers in my opinion. Originally I had plans to write a deep essay about the evolution of creativity and technology, but, instead, I’ve decided to let the art pieces speak for themselves. Below is a collection of my favorite pieces that I had crossed paths with in the deep jungle of “Miami Art Week.” I hope you enjoy and continue to keep a lookout as these talented creatives evolve with future installations.

Artists In order from top to bottom: Marck, Troy Abbott, Alain Le Boucher,  Liu Dau (showing 2 videos), Claudio Castillo, Diane Landry, Marck, Matthew Kluber, & Yorgo Alexopoulos

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12308676_10156394968155347_8900831955941255041_n-1 Michelle Berc: Michelle is the executive program director, curator, and event producer of Create:Fixate, and founder of Sonic Being. Michelle Berc’s unlimited creative endeavors include making art, shooting photography, curating art shows, producing electronic music, and creating the graphic design for her organizations. Michelle also works with private art collectors, interior designers, and real estate agents through her boutique art consulting agency “Art Angeles.” Beyond art show curation, she has termed herself as an ‘Art Stylist,’ specializing in finding the perfect artistic energy to accent the decor of any interior. Her most recent passion has been exploring the world of sound healing and has recently earned a certification in the field. Her background working in the music video and commercial industry has lead to an amazing journey through the arts in all its forms. By assisting innovative new artists, Michelle’s goal is to encourage the general public to look upon Create:Fixate as a venue to discover emerging talent and be inspired by these artists and their work.

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