2016 LA At Show Honors Robert Williams, Celebrate on Chung King Road

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Robert Williams is an astounding talent and a man who through sheer force of vision created an art movement (Low Brow), and thus shepherding in Pop Surrealism, New Modern Contemporary, Narrative Surrealism, Post-Abstract Neo-Figurative, and other styles across the international art world, as well as  bringing about a return to draftsmanship and painterly skills. He is the co-founder of Jutapoz Magazine, the creator of one of the most controversial record album covers of all time, the subject of the awesome documentary Robert Williams, Mr. Bitchen, and one of the coolest, nicest and most charming guys ever, always generous and gracious with his time and advice.

On Thursday January 28, the 2016 LA Art Show will pay tribute to Robert Williams with a Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by a free party on Chung King Road from 8pm to 11pm, presented by the LA Art Show and Littletopia, the section of the art show dedicated to the styles spawned through Williams’ influence.

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