Dierdre Sullivan-Beeman: Ancient Technique, Dreams Make Magical Realism

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Screenshot 2016-02-26 09.17.53Painter Dierdre Sullivan-Beeman is on a strong trajectory: All six pieces in her show, “One,” at La Luz de Jesus sold out, and she is part of Eric Minh Swenson’s Nude Survey Four at Jai & Jai through March 5. You can view “One” through Sunday, February 28.

Sullivan-Beeman, a self-taught artist, uses 14th century techniques to create her works of magical realism, painting with both oil and egg tempera, slowly layering one on the other, resulting in a dreamy stained glass effect, appropriate since, as Sullivan-Beeman says:

All my inspiration comes from a dream sketchbook I have kept on my nightstand for years in which I record my dreams and whatever images come to me in my sleep. I am very inspired by the subconscious, the work of C.G. Jung, and his infamous The Red Book.

By incorporating fairy tale elements Sullivan-Beeman eplicates her internal world while creating symbols and situations easily recognizable through the Western canon. Her backgrounds, either tree trunks or wallpaper-like elements, most notably arabesque and damask, anchors the works in nature or romantic artifice. For “EMS Nude Survey Four” Sullivan-Beeman brought her own take to the ongoing survey series:

I was stoked when Eric asked me to be in Nude Survey Four, because I had heard about the very first Nude Survey show and thought it sounded dope. EMS is a character and an amazing artist in his own right. He was great to work with – made no stipulations except that the subject had to be nude. I wanted to do something that wasn’t the “classical nude;” my problem was finding the perfect model. When I saw Jessica Taras, a gorgeous, powerful yogi, I knew she would be perfect for my Zebra Girl. She is incredibly beautiful and has such strong legs – I was so thrilled with how the piece turned out.

“One” La Luz de Jesus
4663 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Through February 28, 2016

EMS Nude Survey Four
Jai & Jai Gallery
648 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Please call 818.319.2957 for an appointment.


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