Save the Date: “Pearly’s Beauty Shop” exhibition/fundraiser, curated by Swoon at Superchief Gallery DTLA – Saturday May 21st

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Pearly’s Beauty Shop at Superchief Gallery in DTLA, is unlike any other event. It’s part exhibition, part live auction, part dance party, and part pop-up artist-run beauty salon. There will be the opportunity to have nails done by a painter, hair diorama by a sculptor, makeup by a conceptual artist, and performance-artist paraffin-dip’s! No matter your aesthetic desire, Pearly’s has you covered. Artists will be partnered with salon technicians to recreate their designs; you’ll find salon stations throughout the party and revelry all around.


(Superchief Gallery discount code: SUPERCHIEF20)

All event proceeds will benefit The Heliotrope Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Brooklyn-based artist Swoon. Heliotrope supports three core projects that use the arts to strengthen communities:

Braddock Tiles: artist-run ceramics workshop located in a formerly abandoned church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania.

New Orleans Music Box: an ever-evolving musical village that celebrates New Orleans’ rich musical and architectural history.

Konbit Shelter: low-cost, sustainable, disaster-resistant homes & community spaces in Komye, Haiti.

Art Exhibition & Live Auction
(Co-curated by Marsea Goldberg of New Image Gallery and Bill Dunleavy & Edward Zipco of Superchief Gallery)

Includes works by:

Monica Canilao
Anthony Lister
Sean Tully
Yarrow Slaps
Zaria Foreman
Paul Miller (DJ Spooky)
Kiki Smith
Sanford Biggers
David Ellis
Dabs and Myla
Luke Pelletier
Kristen Liu-wong
Brad Downey
Nathan Alexis Brown
Adam Wallacavage
Shark Toof
John Felix Arnold III
Tina Lugo
Miguel Ovalle
Xavier Schipani
& more

There will also be print releases (curated by Evan Picco of Juxtapoz Magazine) from the following:

Chris Johanson
Richard Coleman
Jean Jullien
Alicia Mccarthy



More details:

Superchief Gallery
739 Kohler St
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Swizz Beatz, Jane Golden, Sallyann Kluz, Andrew Lockhart, Karmimadeebora McMillan, Sandra Powell, Zahra Sherzad, Anthony Spiegel, Ryan Nuckel, KT Tierney, Natalie Kates, Bill Dunleavy, Edward Zipco, Marsea Goldberg

Pearly’s Beauty shop: A full service salon like no other. Pearly’s Beauty shop is a full service unisex salon and party all in one. Artists will do you up and you will dance it out. All the artists are donating their time and skills for the night. Join Superchief Gallery in DTLA for an evening of celebration and artistic pampering from head to toe.

You pick an option from our menu of salon services. Nails done by a painter? hair diorama by a sculptor? Makeup by a conceptual artist? Performance artist paraffin dip? No matter your desire, one of the artists will attend to your every need. you’ll find salon stations throughout the party, with revelry all around. Artists will be partnered with salon technicians to recreate their designs (hair, nails, makeup and others).

Braddock tiles Print release (the LA edition):
Usually curated by the artist Swoon herself, for this special Braddock tiles Print release, she has asked her good friend (and publisher of Juxtapoz Magazine) Evan Pricco to be the first guest curator for Braddock tiles. Evan will ask 7-10 Los Angeles based artists to donate a digital image. A limited run of 250 embossed and numbered 13” x 19” digital prints of each image are produced and sold at $50.00 USD to benefit the project.

Curated by Marsea Goldberg of New Image Art Gallery, Bill Dunleavy and Ed Zipco of Superchief Gallery & Swoon, a group exhibition will open on the night of Pearly’s Beauty shop featuring Los Angeles based artists. Taking a cue from the Pearly’s Beauty shop Concept, artists will be asked to present work that relates to the theme of “vanity” – also the name of the exhibition. The exhibition will run through June 25, 2016.

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