Dark Progressivism: Award Winning LA Documentary Screens June 4 at Art Gathering

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FullSizeRender-3Cartwheel Art is proud to announce that the documentary Dark Progressivism was awarded Best Documentary Feature Film at the 2016 Fine Arts Film Festival. We are the media of sponsor this documentary about Los Angeles art, which was written and directed by our frequent contributor Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre, and associate produced by Lisa Derrick.

On Saturday night, June 4  Dark Progressivism will be screening at Art Gathering, Long Beach’s largest art fair, which runs June 2 to 5 aboard the Queen Mary. A panel discussion with the director and artists will follow.

In addition to the film screening, d’Ebre and Derrick are curating a group show, “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II,” featuring Pavel Acevedo, Amer the Gamer SMT, Tony DeCou, Dr. Eye, Fishe, Jose Alfredo Garcia, Jesse Hazelip, Jason Hernandez, Kyle, Susan Logoreci, Petal, Rafael Reyes (Leafar Seyer), José “Prime” Reza, and Shandu. The curatorial statement reads:

“Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is an exhibition that pays homage to the original “Mathematica” exhibition done in 1961 by Ray and Charles Eames at the California Museum of Science and Industry. The contribution of “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is to add to the national discourse of the importance of numbers, numeric symbolism, and mathematics in contemporary art. Participating artists have been asked to contribute works that convey such dialogue within the context of their existing work. Many artists in “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” have incorporated this dimensional concept in order to analyze or to give arcane meaning to the universe, as a way of challenging perception and acceptance of patterns and structures. This exhibition demonstrates the numeric explanation and its relation to writing, language, and other figurative concepts, all while demonstrating a harmonious order. “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is also a way to communicate the infinite possibilities of art and the way it is received.

“Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is presented by Cartwheel Art.

Please join us aboard the Queen Mary June 2 to 5 for Art Gathering! Tickets are for $25 for a one day pass, $60 for Friday-Sunday, and $100 for Thursday’s VIP reception and a weekend pass. Children under 16 are free.


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