Save the Date with Preview and Interview: “Mollior” by Danni Shinya Luo at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Friday November 4th

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Danni Shinya Luo will be presenting her third exhibition at La Luz de Jesus, opening Friday, Nov. 4, titled “Mollior”, the latin word for “softer” which per the show statement is a “concept that sums up the show’s spirit in entirety, from the subject matters to the style of expression.” “Mollior” finds Shinya Luo returning to the “examination of the feminine mystique through lines and limited palette.” Her  subjects are extremely feminine, natural, emotional, and at the same time extremely empowered.

Only when we revisit the foundation of art with a softer, purer point of view we can then experience the most blissful enjoyment – simple beauty. – from “Mollior” show statement.


We asked Shinya Luo some questions about the show via email:

What have you been doing since your last solo exhibition?

I have been focusing on my personal life. Relocating, Marriage, baby, etc…

What inspired your return to fundamentals and a limited pallate in this show?

The thing that inspired me was my pregnancy, it is a new beginning for me on many levels, naturally I wanted to translate this into my work as well, starting to re-explore the female figure from the beginning, with lines and limited palette.

Define the relationship between the women and animals in your pieces

This time I have fewer pieces with animals in them. In general, I use animals as symbols of emotions in my paintings. I particularly like to draw large cats. In most of the pieces, large cats are a symbol of passion and power.


Has becoming a mother changed your approach to your art?

It has changed my approach to art. The way a child sees the world is very simple, they have the amazing ability to see the purest form in everything. Looking at my own child, I envy that he can appreciate such simple things while adults tend to complicate them. I want to express beauty in the way a child sees it. Simple. Uncomplicated.


Danni Shinya Luo – Mollior
showing with Van Saro – Concrete Jungle

Opening Reception: Friday, November 4th 8PM
November 4 -27, 2016

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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