Cartwheel Art Contributors for Miami Art Fair Week 2016!

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Mr Brainwash. Photo by Lara Dildy.

Meet the Cartwheel Art Contributors for Miami Art Fair Week 2016!

It’s that time of the year: Miami Art Basel, when the balmy city becomes home to more than 20 distinct pop-up art festivals. From sophisticated Art Basel for the cultural connoisseur, to graffiti-clad and urban art of Wynwood, Miami has something for everyone: public art and installations, unparalleled people watching opportunities, and spectacles unable to predict. From installations to parties, nightclubs and pop-ups, Miami Art brings it all.

With all of that, this year we have put together a diverse and exciting team of Cartwheel Art contributors, who will be providing coverage, based on their perspective, interests and expertise, through their words and/or photographs.

Follow Cartwheel Art on instagram and sty tuned for our post-coverage.

7c75dfd1-83ed-4815-afc6-5e3291601e77Kasey Billitz: Kasey is the founder of Miami Art Seen and leads tours through Wynwood Art Walk. Kasey and Cindy Schwarzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art Tours have become partners for a tour being planned next year in Miami.

Follow Kasey on her social media for Miami Art Seen on facebook and instagram.



Lara Dildy: Lara is a photographer and graphic designer whose passion for art, especially street art, has led her to work with organizations like the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk and LA Art Show. Her ongoing quest to capture the ever changing urban aesthetic is what fuels many of her creative efforts including documenting street art and graffiti. Follow Lara on instagram.



Lauren Over: Lauren is an artist/photographer/writer from a medium-sized town in Pennsylvania. Her earliest influences: book illustration, album covers, national geographic magazines and classic cars. She’s interested in the surreal, symbolism, collage and the use of text. When she’s not wandering the streets of L.A. with her camera, she does illustration and participates in shows. Lauren graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, and her MFA at California State University, Los Angeles.


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