Photo Coverage: Highlight’s of the LA Art Show Opening Party, by Paul Koudounaris

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Check out the photo coverage from the LA Art Show Opening party that took place on Wednesday January 13th, 2017, by Paul Koudounaris.

Highlights included Melanie Pullen’s Violent Times performance, curated by Marisa Caichiolo and presented By Esthella Provas & Associates, Beverly Hills.

From the LA Art Show:

“The performance is an abstract interpretation that explores both the ceremonial and crude facets of violence, inherent in both nature and the human condition. Pullen, to create a tempo for the extreme nature of the piece, will create a theatrical setting, using the sounds of base bodily functions, including a human heartbeat, and breathing, made in real-time. As the physical sound evolves the performers also fluctuate between the concept of inflicted human torture to barbaric untamed aggression”

Artwork highlighted by Paul were pieces from various galleries that included:Francisco Esnayra, Sandra Vista, Andres Basurto, Greg Auerbach, Mark Andrew Allen,Miki Yokoyama, Kristina Drake, Sarah Louise Davey, and Yi Hwan Kwon.

Also the installation work with sculptures made of cardboard and acrylic paint by Dosshaus, and presented by bG Gallery were highlighted by Paul.

From the LA Art Show:

“Collaborative duo Dosshaus present “The Artist’s Room”, a life-sized fantasy live/work space. A combination of installation and performance, the artists inhabit a sculptural environment where everything, including their clothing, is created from recycled cardboard. Dosshaus engage cultural questions with whimsy and insouciance.”

More details on the LA Art Show that runs through Sunday January 15th, can be found on our Cartwheel Art Preview and on the LA Art Show website.

Top photo: Work by Miki Yokoyama

Melanie Pullen Performance

Melanie Pullen Performance

Melanie Pullen Performance

Melanie Pullen Performance

Francisco Esnayra

Sandra Vista

Andres Basurto


Greg Auerbach

Yi Hwan Kwon

Mark Andrew Allen

Jim McKenzie

Miki Yokoyama

Miki Yokoyama

Kristina Drake

Sarah Louise Davey.

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