Photo Coverage: Highlight’s of the LA Art Show Opening Party, by Steve Grody

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The LA Art Show is always a mixed-bag kind of overdose. I’ll just mention a few of the things I enjoyed seeing.

To begin with, there are always “old friends” that, though done generations ago, still have impact, like the little Willem de Kooning or Toulouse Lautrec at one gallery.

Willem de Kooning

Toulouse Lautrec

Then there is always work by the highly skilled that are doing work, that while not pushing any envelopes, is enjoyable nonetheless.

Miguel Angel Moya – “The Mermaid”

In the more contemporary non-traditional media vein, I liked Laddie John Dill’s Light and Sand series.

Laddi John Dill

The Street Contingent was represented on several fronts. Jenifer Korsen x Septerhed, along with Jules Muck (aka Muck Rock), Bumblebee Loves You, Nicole Palmquest (aka Booleep) and  Megzany were painting on the walls of the VIP booth, presented by The Agency.

Jennifer Korsen working on mural collaboration with Septerhed 

A very welcome presence was Art All Ways Projects with a collaboration between Retna and the Brazilian artist, Nunca, a fine Saber, and a strong Zes. Great to see these people getting some exposure.

 (L-R) Work by Retna x Nunca, Saber 

Prints by Chaz Bojorquez, Gajin Fujita and Germs were a pleasure so look at as was work by Prime, Big Sleeps and Jim McHugh that were properly located in the VIP Lounge.

Chaz Bojorquez, Gajin Fujita and Germsat a booth with Modern Multiples

Prime, Big Sleeps and Jim McHugh 

More details on the LA Art Show that runs through Sunday, can be found on the LA Art Show website here. In addition, to the Cartwheel Art Preview article here.

All photos by Steve Grody with the exception of the top photo which is by Cindy Schwarzstein of (L-R) Jim McHue, Steve Grody and Big Sleeps.

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