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Street Art House opened its doors Saturday, February 4th, transforming Mar Vista’s furniture store/art gallery The Hängar into an eclectic night celebrating the beauty of art and interior design.

The pop-up gallery featured the original work of 18 street artists (bios below) from Los Angeles and around the globe, who each dedicated an intimately designed space in the store, which allowed their artwork to be displayed alongside industrial furniture, giving attendees a chance to picture the artwork in a home environment.

Cartwheel Art enjoyed the VIP Opening Reception Saturday night, which included artist meet-and-greets, an open bar featuring Kikori Whiskey, free food provided by Bohemia Food Company and MP, a live painting session with Robert Vargas, a free limited edition art print by WRDSMTH, and a hand painted Street Art House key necklace to take home as a souvenir.

Event Producer Justin Fredericks shared with me his feelings about the success of opening night- which was sold out to 400 attendees, indicating as well, that there are 2500 RSVPs for others to attend throughout the week. On opening night and during the exhibition, guests are offered the opportunity to purchase prints and clothing at the Street Art House Store.

Another aspect of Street Art House is that it’s donating 10% of all art sales from the event to LA’s BEST, in support of their new after school mural project. LA’s BEST serves 30,000 elementary school kids in need with free, innovative after school programs.

Street Art House
February 5th-10th.

The Hängar
3472 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066



Christina Angelina
Christina Angelina (aka Starfighter) is an internationally renowned artist who completed 54 murals in one year. Commissioned by Nike, Nylon Magazine, Microsoft, CAA, Heineken, Neiman Marcus and Christian Louboutin. Featured in major media outlets, such as Cosmopolitan, Complex, and The Huffington Post.

Bisco Smith
Bisco is an urban artist whose work is characterized as a blend of graffiti deconstruction, abstract gesturalism, action painting, and style writing. A musician turned writer, the artist paints his own lyrics in a unique style of graffiti writing. Bisco has had shows in galleries from LA to NY, as well as at Art Basel in Miami.

Colette Miller
Colette receives widespread recognition for her interactive Global Angel Wings Project, placing her wings around the world as signs of peace. Among the most shared content on social media, Colette’s wings have been visited by tourists, celebrities and mayors, as well as featured at the LA Art Show.

Collin Salazar
Inspired by human interaction, Collin’s work often evokes the expression and emotion of eyes. Moving from Arkansas to Colorado to LA, Collin has already made a big splash in the art circuit, including gallery shows and events. The artist is currently working on a mural at the Secret Walls HQ x START Gallery.

Renowned NYC street artist, DAIN combines wheatpasting, silkscreening, spray paint, collage, and acrylic. Starting with black-and-white photos, he layers them with old advertisements, printed fragments, logos, and miscellaneous smaller images and paint, including his prominent“circle and drip” style.

A traveling muralist, Gaia’s street work has been documented and featured in several books on urban art, including, most recently, Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art. His work has also been featured at The Baltimore Museum of Art, the Rice Gallery and Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive.

Kelcey (aka KFISH) bridges the gap between studio and street art; creating a new species through hybridization. He sets figures afloat in a sea of color and contrast. The artist has been commissioned for mural work at various companies, including Google. He has also worked on several brand collaborations.

Made of Hagop
Made of Hagop is a self- taught mixed-media artist whose work is an exploration in the concept of synergy: the creation of a whole that is greater that the simple sum of its parts. He made a splash on to the LA street art scene with a prominent piece on the wall of the famous Abbot Kinney restaurant, Gjelina.

Megzany is a street artist riding on an international stage to spread positive messages paired with zany imagery. Her dream-like imagery elicits playful inspiration and motivation in anyone who stumbles upon her work. Megzany’s pieces can be around the world, including LA, NYC, London and Paris.

An innovative Italian artist who paints large-scale murals, often depicting intricate cityscapes and their friendly residents. Quirky, imaginative and dreamlike, his pieces have appeared around the world. Millo has also been featured in various media outlets, such as The Huffington Post and Colossal.

Transitioning through multiple cities, Moncho continues to be influenced by modern media and the urban artwork surrounding it. The artist has been commissioned by Paramount and Whole Foods; showcased in galleries and the Soho House; featured on CNN and the Google Street Art Project.

Nicco Babs
Surreal pop artist Nicole Babaknia (aka NICCO BABS) remixes images to create abstract narratives. In 2017, she will unveil an eye-catching street art piece in the center of the Downtown LA Arts District, incorporating the wall as a new element. For this event, Nicole will showcase fascinating digitally animated art.

Padhia Avocado
Padhia’s work is psychological commentary, often exploring undiscovered aspects of our interior human landscape. Well known for her “Love Me Anyways” motto under her street art moniker unfukyourself, Padhia’s pieces have been recently discovered and shared by Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

Robert Vargas
Dynamic artist Robert Vargas is well known for his “Portraits of the World” series, encompassing live drawings and large-scale murals of city inhabitants he encounters while traveling and at home in Los Angeles. Robert has recently been featured by GQ and at Art Basel with Lexus.

Royal adapts visual artwork into public space murals, stencils and installations, with a progressive affection empowering children, diversity, and family. From Los Angeles, the artist includes several celebrities among her collectors.

Skyler Grey
Forbes 30 under 30 artist, 16 year-old Skyler is represented by Miami’s Avant Gallery and has painted internationally, including murals at the Four Seasons in Dubai. His now famous work, in silkscreen, paint, and acrylic marker, riffs on cartoon figures and luxury brands.

Taylor White
Internationally acclaimed artist, Taylor has been recognized in cities far and wide – from Melbourne to Berlin, LA, Miami, Atlanta and Detroit. She has also contributed to events for Just Another Agency, Analogue/Digital, Foreign Brothers, ABV and SCOPE Miami Beach.

Midwest born and LA based, WRDSMTH decided to quit his job in Chicago as a writer and explore his passion for street art. Shortly after, he became well known for his short and uplifting typewriter-fonted messages that cover our buildings, electrical control boxes, and street corners. He has been honored as one of The Art of Elysium’s emerging artists and his works have been featured next to Banksy and Andy Warhol pieces at the prestigious Julien’s Auctions

Additional photo coverage from the event:

Live painting with Robert Vargas

Live painting with Robert Vargas

Live painting with Robert Vargas

Skyler Grey

WRDSMTH print and key necklace was part of gift bag.

Nico Babs

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