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Los Angeles born artist, Andy Moses, opened his 30 year survey of work at the Santa Monica College, Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery, for his 55th birthday, last night, February 11. Curated by gallery director Marian Winsryg, the show runs through March 25, 2017, and is sure to be one of the most important exhibitions of the year.

Covering the first 15 years of work in New York and the next in Los Angeles, the survey was filled with mainly large paintings.  Later works start inhabiting a more sculptural space with concave and convex formats, color and technique.

Moses’ work is stunning in its beauty and presence, revolutionary in its use of materials and technique, and evocative in its visual alchemy.

From the press release:

Created through the physical reactivity and interaction of materials rather than through gestural mark making, the dynamic fluid “marks” that striate his works are achieved through a process of gravitational movement and highly controlled dispersions of paint across the surface. Moses floods the polycarbonate ground with acrylic paint mixtures of varying viscosities, combined with pearlescent acrylic interference mediums. His panels are often concave or convex panoramic formats chosen to reinforce the object quality of the works, pushing them into a third dimension. The curvature is both functional, used to create movement in the pouring process, and referential, mimicking the bowed and recessive physical qualities of the earth.

Andy Moses: A 30-Year Survey
February 14-March 25

Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery
Santa Monica College
1310 11th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401




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