Save the Date & Interview: “For Goodness Sake” at La La Land (Interview with Kii Arens, visit with Mark Mothersbaugh) – March 25

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Artist, musician, gallery owner and curator Kii Arens wants to bring pure joy to Los Angeles, via the “For Goodness Sake” group show at La La Land Gallery. In curating his all-star For Goodness Sake showKii hopes to give attendees a “mental vacation” from all that’s been going on in this country, the overwhelming amount of negativity in the news, and among people on social media.

For Goodness Sake Group show features: Mark Mothersbaugh, Shepard Fairey, Peter Blake, Dalek, Gary Baseman, Oliver Hibert, Luke Chueh, Gary Taxali, Matthew Bone, Kii Arens, Anthony Ausgang, Rosie Lea Brind, The Art of Chase, Janee Meadows, Steve Ellis, Warmoraw, Rudy Fritsch, Mark Rogers, Anthony Ausgang, Donnie Molls, Danielle Garza, Sung Hyun, Hey Pogo, Ekaterina Oloy, Travis Lampe, Erin Goedtel, Shoko Yanagisawa, Teri Harriet, Mike Sandoval, Smiley Stevens, Amelie Laurice, and Susan Anderson.  Preview some of the pieces below the interview!

Part of the proceeds will go to Syrian Refugees Relief via a partnership with Oxfam America.

The idea is clear and simple. Each artist is being asked to create a brand new piece that elicts nothing but Pure Joy – Kii Arens

Interview with Kii Arens

Tell us about your upcoming group show – how long has it been in the works? How did you decide on the list of artists?

This show idea started on the day after this country elected a new leader. Taking a nod from the former first lady… If they go low then we’ll go high. A mental vacation for the eyes and mind. The artist selection process consists of a modge podge of new artists and ones I’ve been pals with for years. Shep and Gary were a part of my very first show at La-La Land on Election Night in 2004. Peter Blake of Sgt. Pepper fame came from my fine pal Paul Stolper who introduced me to him in 2011. Some of the artists I found on Instagram which happens to be my favorite curating tool. As I began chatting with artists… some of them were thanking me for taking their mind off of the news of the world. Not only are people excited to be a part of the show but creating the art is a therapy to stay on the positive tip.

What kind of surprises do you have in store for this show, you don’t have to give it away but give our readers a little bit of a hint!

I’ll just say that the show at LA-LA Land will be the only place you will ever hear a brand new song (with a b/side) created by a genius musician / artist. The art collector who buys this one-of-a-kind piece will be the sole owner of this one off Acetate 45. The song does not exist in the digital realm. Another hint at a surprise is that people who own a cassette player will be very happy.

How does music affect your own art and the shows you curate?

Music affects my art when I’m creating pieces for concerts and album covers. As for my non music related art it acts as the motivator… the happy drill sergeant of beautification.

Aside from the upcoming show, what have you, and La La Land been up to lately?

The next show at LA-LA Land will happen July 15, it is tribute to Sid & Marty Krofft. I’m also in the midst of creating new political art for some very needed… top secret events.Through Bernie and Jane Fonda’s bank exit I’ve become a go to for some of the finer causes.

I’ve also been recording tons of music. I consider making music as the desert of the day. When I’m done looking at color combos and shapes I like to wash my brain clean with sound and rhythms and loud guitars. It helps me to think new thoughts when I wake the next day.

We asked Kii to list his favorite…
Saturday Morning Cartoon:
Tie between Lidsville & Hong Kong Phooey
Ice Cream:
Black Olive Brittle w/ Goat Cheese at Salt & Straw
Bubblegum Song or Group
Fox On The Run – The Sweet
Color or color combination:
Robins Egg Blue forever baby! But I’m loving the Lemon Yellow vibe lately too

What part or aspect of Los Angeles/Southern California constantly inspires you


I love common art… painted produce on corners store walls, Happy Teeth signs for dentists in the Valley, all cursive caps on business that don’t know any better. I love that all over this town people leave historic places alone because the weather allows. Where I’m from originally in Minnesota the cold destroys such beauty.

Peter Blake

Anthony Ausgang


Travis Lampe

Mark Mothersbaugh

Gary Taxali

Top Image: Kii Arens

“For Goodness Sake” Group Show
March 25, 2017 – April 21, 2017

Opening reception:
Saturday, March 25, 7-10 PM

La La Land Gallery
6450 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90038

Twitter: @kiiarens
Facebook event page at this link

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