Save the Date: Sean Stepanoff Channels Cult films via Ghanaian Barbershop Signs opening July 7

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In his second featured show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Sean Stepanoff takes his focus off of hipsters and hip-hop and turns his attention to his love of cult films. His last La Luz de Jesus show “Entitled Hair Cut”, was dedicated to the local “culture” (read: hipsters) of his Silver Lake neighborhood in the colorful folk art style of African barber shop signs. His current body of work among a Summer Soiree six-artist show, also featuring Vakseen, Annie Terrazzo, Tracy Lewis, Dos Diablos, Matt Adrian  at La Luz de Jesus, presents characters from films like “Eraser Head”, “Ghost World”, “Repo Man”, “Gummo” and others in Sean’s skillfully, and playfully rendered (and weathered) barber shop sign format.

Sean immersed himself in each film, watching numerous times, making notes of his favorite phrases in the film, choosing the most representative characters and capturing the vibe.

In this video, watch Sean “weather” his newly painted  “Henry’s Expert Cuts” piece:

Sean’s media consists of both found and purchased wood. When asked about the challenges of painting on found wood, he replied:

It’s always really interesting to work on found pieces. Sometimes you’ve got to water it (the paint) down a lot, I just try to imagine if someone was painting it out somewhere and trying to make it work with whatever materials they have. I’m using a lot of flash paint which is like a vinyl paint, it’s very opaque, it’s great for signs, it’s great for doing a single layer.

What is your process in creating the piece once you have the concept?

I compose it on my computer, I do a wash using a brush and I lay it all out, I block in the colors afterward.

Sean Stepanoff – “Le Planete Coiffure”  – in process and finished.
Wood, acrylic paint & flash paint, 45×24″ , $950

Do you treat the wood before you start painting on it

I do it mainly afterward because I’m trying to replicate something that you paint new but has been out in the weather getting worn away.

How many pieces have you created for this show

Nine, I wanted a tenth but chose over quantity. I’ve had three months to get ready for this show, it was very spontaneous

Which piece do you hope doesn’t sell so you can bring it back home?

That’s a good question – I like, it’s a tough one, I like all my pieces but if I had to choose I really like the Love Witch. It turned out really well, I painted it on a worn piece of wood.

Sean Stepanoff – “Sex Magick”
Wood, acrylic paint & flash paint, 43×21″ , $700

La Luz de Jesus Summer Soiree Six!
a Six Artist Show featuring
Matt Adrian, Dos Diablos, Tracy Lewis, Sean Stepanoff, Annie Terrazzo, Vakseen
July 7 – July 30, 2017

Opening Reception:
Friday, July 7th, 8-11 PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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