Save The Date: Tiki Oasis 17 Art Show – 8/11 through 8/13 at Crowne Plaza in San Diego

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Shawn Dickenson MarineQueen

Tiki Oasis weekend tickets may be sold out but the 8th annual Tiki Oasis pop-up art show “International Intrigue,” curated by Baby Doe, is open to the public, all weekend long!

This year’s International Intrigue show explores the mid-century fascination with spies and secret agents and its’ ties to tiki! There’s a reception for the artists, Saturday, Aug 12th 1:00 pm. Meet the Tiki Oasis Artists and the 2017 Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant!

Artist list:

Atomikitty (Susannah Mosher)
BigToe Art
Brian Boskind
Christine Benjamin
Clee Sobieski
Daniel Watson
Danielle Mann
Dawn Frasier Sophista-tiki
Devon Devereaux
Doug Horne
Eric October
Erin Joy
Harry Decker
Jason Straughan “The Boozy Doodler”
Ken “little lost tiki” Ruzic
Kymm! Bang
Lori Herbst
Megan Besmirched
Michael Fleming (aka Tweedlebop)
Mike Mass
Sandra Fremgen “Panda and Me”
Shawn Dickinson
Susana Andrea feat. Nina Palomba
Tiki King
Wendy Cevola
Woody Miller
Norm Daniels

Artist Reception:
Meet the Tiki Oasis Artists and the 2017 Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant!
Saturday Aug 12th 1:00pm

Exhibition Hours:
Friday 8/11 10am – 9pm
Saturday 8/12 10am – 8pm
Sunday 8/13 10am-5pm

Grand Hanalei Ballroom Foyer,
Crowne Plaza, Hotel Circle, San Diego, CA.
2270 Hotel Cir N,
San Diego, CA 92108

Sandra Fregman Panda and the TIkis Emeralds

Norm Daniels- Stone Finger
Megan Besmirched Sabotear

Lori Herbst – The Maltese Tiki


Ken Ruzic – Incident at the Ethnographic Museum

Doug Horne – Allure of the Venomous Vixen

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