Save the Date: 21st Anniversary “The Art of Tiki” Show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery – 10/6-10/29

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Opening Friday October 6th, 2017 The 21st Anniversary of the Art of Tiki, curated by Tiki revival visionary Otto von Stroheim will open at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. Also making its debut that evening will be the latest tome by the principal chronicler of the Tiki movement, Sven Kirsten, author of such legendary books such as The Book of Tiki, Tiki Modern, and Tiki Pop. His latest, The Art of Tiki, covers the content of this gallery show, utilizing its subject for a fascinating perspective on the mid-century faux-Polynesia movement–featuring contributions from Otto Von Stroheim and Shag.

Back in 1996, La Luz de Jesus Gallery hosted the first themed show of its kind, gathering new voices in the low-brow art world to offer a collective artistic interpretation of the original, mid-century Poly-pop period. The Art of Tiki exhibition effectively ushered in the postmodern Tiki era, introducing newly themed Tiki art by such luminary artists as Mark Ryden, SHAG, Mitch O’Connell and Pizz. Since that debut 21 years ago, the contemporary Tiki movement has flowered into virtual crusade of escapism. Art, music, gastronomy and even whole Tiki-conventions offer worldwide, year-round opportunities to revel in grandpa’s version of urban escapism; an expression of recreational diversion, which radiates still since its flashpoint following the epic conflict of World War II.

Rick Rietveld “Tiki Surf”

The exhibition itself consists of two separate, yet related sections. The first observes the present and the second, No False Idols celebrates the past. Together for the first time, the public will have access to both contemporary artistic interpretations of the Tiki art form and vintage Tiki originals from which the modern movement sprang.

Cartwheel Art focuses on the Art of Tiki Show portion of this double-header!

The Art of Tiki show curator Otto von Strohiem is the founder of Tiki News fanzine/magazine, which was the first publication to give in-depth information on the then lost world of Tiki and Poly Pop to a small but rabid network of Tiki fans. In 2000, von Stroheim conceived Tiki Oasis as a weekend fundraiser to support the rehabilitation of the Palm Springs Caliente Tropics Motel, an important part of Tiki history. The first year’s event drew 50 people. Heading towards its 18th year, the event, based in San Diego since 2006, is the largest festival of its kind and now attracts well over 3000 people over a stretch of four days

Shag “Ka Pele O Maleko”

von Strohiem recounts for Cartwheel Art, his initial attraction Tiki, the depth of its effect on popular culture, and what you can expect at the 21st Anniversary of the Art of Tiki Show

I was born and raised in the birthplace of Tiki – Los Angeles. I was born in Encino and raised in Torrance and Van Nuys with a stint in San Clemente so the Tiki style of architecture, landscaping, palm trees, themed restaurants and amusement parks is ingrained in me.

The Tiki Style of American art, aka Polynesian Pop, is so vast that once the onlooker begins to be attracted their interest can be piqued almost forever. There are Tiki movies, music, literature, culinary arts, carvings, paintings, pottery (Tiki mugs), graphic design of menus matchbooks and advertising, architecture (restaurants, hotels, apartments), clothing for men and women, history of the South Seas, and of course the gateway of tropical cocktails!

The 21st Anniversary of the Art of Tiki Show will offer a reunion of many of its original artists, as well as a gathering of new disciples in a collective showcase. Works of art celebrating this colorful genre will be featured in all manner of mixed media presentations.

Mookie Sato “La a Kea”

There will be an early book signing, from 6-8 PM featuring Otto von Stroheim, and Sven Kirsten with artists   Andrew Brandou, Crazy Al Evans, Dale Sizer, Danielle Mann, Tiki Diablo, Doug Horne, Eric October, Jefferey Vallance, Shag, Ken Ruzic, Michael Uhlenkott, Michelle Bickford, Rietveld, Mookie, Atomikitty, Big Toe, Tiki Tony, Scott Scheidly and Thor, who will all sign The Art of Tiki books purchased at the gallery. Preview the shows at this link.

Ken Ruzic “The Ice Cold Drink”

THE ART OF TIKI: 21st Anniversary Art of Tiki Show
& No False Idols

Exhibition: Oct 6-29
Book release & signing party 6-8PM, Artist Reception 8-11PM
Friday, October 6, 2017

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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