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When German Fine Artist Albrecht Behmel first developed his unique style of painting which he calls,  “The Magic of the Swarms,” he had no idea how internationally impactful it would become, although he has already exhibited in several countries. Last Thursday evening, October 19th, his work was the focal point of a VIP Hollywood fundraiser at a private club on Sunset, known as the Hills Penthouse. The event, called “The Dark Side of Marvel-ous” raised money for Duerme Tranquilo, a non-profit organization supporting Mexico’s health care institutions and foundations. It was his first and only exhibit in Los Angeles.

Albrecht’s work features both popular and original superheroes, some inspired by friends or family, others representing some childhood favorites. The concept behind the newest series “The Dark Side of Marvel-ous” was the idea of his manager and the event producer, Donnalynn Patakos of Le Artis, an art advisory and management company. They decided to feature the villains of Marvel, rather than just the “good guys.” Currently, there are 12 pieces in the series, all of which were on exhibit and for sale as part of the fundraising event.  The featured piece of the evening was the new Black Panther painting, created in honor of the upcoming Marvel film Produced by Nate Moore, slated for a February premiere. Moore, Marvel’s VP of Development & Production for Captain America : Winter Soldier,  Captain America : Civil War, and The Black Panther, was on hand with Joe Robert Cole, the Screenwriter of the Black Panther, to assist in raising much-needed funds to reconstruct a hospital in Mexico that was recently leveled by a major earthquake. Moore is no neophyte when it comes to humanitarianism, as a former executive at Participant Media, a company that creates films to increase awareness of various social issues.

The event was already scheduled for Los Angeles, the fifth in a series of international exhibits for the artist, following shows in Manila, Cannes, New York, and Miami, when catastrophe struck. Donnalynn stated that they had taken the idea, and then given it purpose, following the devastating earthquakes that hit Mexico earlier his year. The impetus – Camilla Manerola, a former student of Albrecht at the University of Karlshochschule in Germany, who was actually texting him from Mexico City at the moment of the earthquake. She said it was a terrifying time, but Albrecht was reassuring, and when they reconnected later, he had a plan. Working with Donnalynn, her partner Antonio Lujak, and the Brand Hawaii team, they decided to donate 10% of all art sales from this event, the beneficiary cover fee, and other donations made that evening to help. As Camilla said,

“People can live without a home, but we cannot live without that hospital.”

The artist, who currently resides in the remote Black Forrest region, enjoys his quiet time with his family and does not show his work in his hometown, although he does show in Berlin and throughout Europe. He said he was pleased to be in LA, knowing how important the contemporary art market has become here, and he loves the way we embrace international artists.  His style of work is boldly graphic, full of energy, kaleidoscopic in the way the colors collide and contrast.  The Marvel superhero theme makes his art especially fitting for Hollywood collectors, although the work could as easily hang in any other modern city. Stating he met Nate Moore after researching superheroes with Donnalynn, and then, realizing they were both “nuts about superheroes,” the friendship and collaborative effort was easy. We hope there are more superhero paintings in our mutual future, and that LA has another opportunity to experience his powerful and dynamic artwork.

All event photos by Nick Boswell. Top photo titiled: “Black Panther”

     Art Advisor Donnalynn Patakos. Albrecht Behmel, Nate Moore, Afraa Zammam

                    Albrecht Behmel, Camila Manterola

                    Alek Tomovic, John Cortez, Antonio Lujak, Ryan Austin

                 DJ’s Silky, Jask, David Bollock, Tamara Shaffer, Master Ken

“Iron Man”

               Alek Tomovic (Bello Magazine) Broderick Hunter, Antonio Lujak

              Tijana Vukovic, Donnalynn Patakos, Marilyn Rodriguez

                Producer Jim Leftkowitz, Donnalynn Patakos, Joe Robert Cole (Black Panther Screenwriter), Albrecht Behmel


                   Betina Terramani and Karla Amtmann

                 Adam Faze, Albrecht Behmel, Afraa Zammam

“The Scarlet Witch”

                Albrecht Behmel , Dali Despotovic

                Antonio Lujak, Leah Karyiakis, Paco Navarro, Donnalynn Patakos

                                    Albrecht Behmel, Afraa Zammam, Donnalynn Patakos, Antonio Lujak, Tamara Schaffer

Albrecht Behmel, Dale Youngman








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