Preview: “Artificial Winter by Ian Francis, “Remix” by Hush and “Lost Angels” by Jack Tsai at Corey Helford Gallery – Saturday 10/28 through November 25th

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Join us on Saturday October 28th at Corey Helford Gallery, for their gallery opening reception’s with three distinct artists. In gallery one will be “Artificial Winter”, an exhibition of works by Bristol based artist Ian Francis, and  in Galleries 2 and 3 – will be “Remix” by HUSH and “The Lost Angels” by Jacky Tsai.

Gallery 1: Ian Francis: “Artificial Winter”

Bristol based artist Ian Francis will be bringing series of rich mixed-media works that walk the line between photorealistic and abstract, with his ghostly figurative elements mixed in with evocative looser elements.

Francis explains,

“It’s been ten years since my first solo show, which was here in Los Angeles. I’ve always loved technology and been fascinated by our relationship with it, but I’d have found it hard to predict the extent to which it would come to dominate our relationships with each other, our own self image and our perception of reality in the last ten years. Looking back on my work, the focus has slowly shifted from media images of celebrities to the curated images people create and maintain of themselves. I’m interested in the fragility of the construction of these images, the way they relate to each other, and their broader relationship with a pervasive feeling of a world falling apart. I’m amazed by the way people have transitioned from watching a world through screens to being creators and participants of it, and the way they have become inextricably enmeshed within its structures and artifices.”

Gallery 2: HUSH: “Remix”

HUSH’s unique style is recognizable through its focus on the female form set within backgrounds filled with an expressionist’s freedom of layering and color. The serene balance of traditional painting is combined with a messier passion, influenced by the Western traditions of action painting and graffiti, culminating in a harmony that feels surprisingly natural.

“Some people think my women are serene, others that they’re dark. What is clear is the power of their sensuality”,

says HUSH. The portraits he paints are imposing and alluring, yet confrontational and unobtainable. The implication being that while the pleasures of modern life are fleeting, the succubus legend remains the most potent, rewarding, and perhaps destructive compulsion offered to man.

Gallery 3: Jacky Tsai: “The Lost Angels”

Jacky Tsai is a London based artist who learned his craft in Shanghai and honed it working alongside Alexander McQueen, where he developed the design for his floral skull motif. About to present his first solo exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, “The Lost Angels”, Tsai is famed for designing compelling art pieces using carved lacquer ware, a rapidly disappearing traditional craft. The exhibition will feature a broad range of Tsai’s signature techniques in lacquer, porcelain, mixed media painting and prints, all focused on a clash between East and West in material and subject matter.

Tsai has spent a considerable time perfecting his process and finding the balance between the Chinese traditional lacquer work and pop art imagery.

“I feel my work is much more mature after many years practice. I’ve transferred my Superheroes series from the traditional lacquer carving to the modern acrylic canvas work. This is a quite brave move for me, and make this series very unique,” he says of his new work for “The Lost Angels”.

Exhibition Dates:
October 28th – November 25th, 2017

Opening Reception:
Saturday October 28th (7-11pm)

***IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT PARKING*** Anderson St will be CLOSED to parking due to filming. We strongly suggest that guests Uber/Lyft/etc to this event. Guests who wish to park may do so along Mission Rd and Willow St.

Corey Hellford Gallery
571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St)
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(310) 287-2340

Ian Francis

Ian Francis

Ian Francis

Ian Francis

Ian Francis

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