Save the Date: “A Quest for Peril” by Calder Greenwood at THESE DAYS – Saturday November 11th

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Cartwheel Art is super excited for Calder Greenwood’s solo exhibition ” A Quest for Peril” opening Saturday November 10th at THESE DAYS in Downtown Los Angeles. This is the first solo exhibition by the Los Angeles artist and man of action Calder Greenwood, who has been a guest speaker with Cartwheel Art Tours.

Years ago Calder Greenwood set out on a personal journey to test himself on the mean streets of Los Angeles—a Quest for Peril.

That campaign brought him to THESE DAYS, where, working with cardboard and papier mache, Greenwood will traces his odyssey with an interactive exhibition of varying scales.

From THESE DAYS curator Stephen Zeigler,

“Street weapons have been rendered at a giant’s size, while the street itself seems smaller than it should be, leaving the viewer somewhere in the middle. In so doing, he demonstrates the disarming potential of the ultimate weapon: the creative mind.”

Greenwood, who is a fabricator of props for motion pictures, and is fluent in Chinese and Japanese, also holds a green belt in Shotokan Karate,. We are told that he once chased down a purse snatcher in the back alleys of Hong Kong.

Cartwheel Art has been following Calder, who has been making larger then life size street art installations in Downtown Los Angeles for years. One of which included hanging a fifteen-foot papier mache black widow spider from downtown’s 6th Street bridge. According to THESE DAYS, Calder’s exploits have earned him the official title of “Bad Motherfucker” by Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

This is a not to be missed opening night event. We’ve been told there are going to be some cool surprises!! Hope to see you there!

About Calder Greenwood:
Calder has been making art his whole life, in various mediums: narrative film, music videos, shorts, street art, cardboard statues, halloween costumes, sets and props. He’s a director, writer, production designer, propmaker, set builder, model maker, and VFX artist. He lives in downtown Los Angeles with his guard dog, A1334462, among his many creations. Calder has been a guest speaker for groups with Cartwheel Art Tours. Here’s a peek into his studio from a recent tour with Cartwheel Art Tours.

Special note from Cartwheel Art:
Calder is also the production designer for War of the Worlds, an opera based on the infamous 1938 “fake news” radio drama created by Orson Welles, that blurs the boundary between concert hall and the streets of Los Angeles. More to come to Cartwheel Art about this unique production, (performance times are Sunday November 12th at 2pm and November 18th at 12pm and 2pm),  which is presented by the LA Phil and co-produced by The Industry and Now Art LA, that will include a unique chorale, radio sounds by composer Annie Gosfeld, a performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, which will be broadcast live from Walt Disney Concert Hall and across downtown to three former World War Two air raid sirens. We are told that Calder has created grandiose designs for the stage and much more that we can’t show you yet!! Stay tuned…

November 11th – December 24th
“A Quest for Peril” by Calder Greenwood

Opening Reception:
Saturday November 11th (7:00pm – 10:00pm)

118 Winston, 2nd floor
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013

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