SAVE THE DATE & PREVIEW: “Know Your Thug:Tony Puryear’s Gankstas!” at Jason Vass, Two–day Pop-up Opens January 6th, 2018

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African-American political satirist, activist, and writer Tony Puryear takes aim at the Trump administration in his humorous lambast of our current political regime. There will be a gallery debut of his ongoing on-line series of political portraits, The Gankstas! at Jason Vass Gallery in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District as a Two-Day Pop-Up on January 6th – 7th.

The exhibit, which features more than 20 signed and numbered limited edition prints and several original paintings, may also be viewed from 12-5PM prior to the opening on the 6th, and from 12-4PM on Sunday, January 7.

The artist created the series to heighten awareness of the corruption of this administration, their lack of political experience, and alleged illegal activities. Each portrait has accompanying text written by Puryear, describing that subject’s personal identifying offense and satirical nickname. The series includes images of “offenders” Michael “Tovarich” Flynn, Paul “Paulie No-Nuts Ryan,” Steve “Big Pussy” Bannon, Sara “The Huckster” Huckabee Sanders, Ryan “The Other White Meat” Zinke, General John “Blue Falcon” Kelly, and Ivanka “Shorty Bang Bang” Trump to name a few of the highlights.

“As an African-American writer, I come from a powerful storytelling tradition, and I’ve always done political art, but these characters, this extended crime family, cried out so strongly for naming and shaming that I started making “gankstas!” the day after the 2016 election, and I haven’t stopped since. In this series, I mean to show their true faces and tell their true stories to help you “know your thug®.” ( Tony Puryear)

Know Your Thug: Tony Puryear’s Gankstas!
January 6th & 7th, 2018 (12-4pm)

Opening Reception:
Jan. 6th (5-9pm)

Jason Vass Gallery
1452 E. 6th St., LA, 90021
(Downtown Los Angeles Arts District)


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