SAVE THE DATE & PREVIEW: Opening Reception of “SACRIFICIAL LAMB,” a Taxidermy Art Show at Lethal Amounts – Saturday January 13th (7-10pm)

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Join us at Lethal Amounts Gallery, in Downtown Los Angeles, on Saturday January 13th from 7-10pm, for the opening reception of “SACRIFICIAL LAMB,” a menagerie of contemporary taxidermy.

Referencing animal sideshows of the early 19th century and circus “museum shows” which collected real and fabricated freaks, this group show combines the craft of traditional taxidermy with a contemporary focus on including new perspectives in this type of art.

In the exhibition, curated by Divya Anantharaman, many interpretations of nature will be on display, with both real and imagined creatures.

Special Note: All animal artifacts in the show are sourced in sustainable ways – no animals were harmed for the sake of these works.

Top photo: Tanis Ramsay

Amber Keithley, Ave Rose, Brooke Weston, Catheine Coan, Divya Anantharaman, Emi Slade, Emily Binard, Erika Harada, Haus Of Syn, Paul Koudounaris, Helen Kairo, Jenn Cortes, Afterlife Anatomy / Katie Innamorato, Kim Bunting, Marxidermy Sarah Dolezal, Tanis Ramsay, and Wyeth Moss

January 13th – January 27th

Opening Reception:
January 13th (7-10pm)

Lethal Amounts
1226 W. 7th St
Los Angeles CA 90017

Divya Anantharaman

Ave Rose

Brooke Weston

Ave Rose

Brooke Weston

Katie Innamorato

Sarah Dolezal

Amber Keithley

Catherine Coan

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