SAVE THE DATE & REVIEW: Closing Reception of “Synthesis” – Featuring Collaborations by Aiseborne and Cache at Tonalli Studio – Saturday January 6th (3-8PM)

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If you are a fan of great street art and have not yet seen this exhibit, don’t miss the closing of this first-time collaboration by Aiseborn and Cache.

With styles as opposite as day and night, the two artists were introduced by a mutual friend, and came together while painting a mural. Cache is known for his whimsical, playful, sometimes angular chickens that adorn street walls all over Los Angeles. Aiseborn’s sophisticated mandalas flow in intricate circular motifs, impressively detailed with his signature brush strokes, and the occasional figurative element hidden within. The unexpected partnership is unique, fascinating, and surprising!

We managed to catch Aise for a short conversation about his work, and what this project means to the two artists.

Aise, a native Angeleno, has been painting walls for almost ten years. Experimenting with different styles when he was younger, he began developing a signature style and technique that set him apart from most street artists. He has painted “far more than a dozen” walls, but as is the case with most street art, the work is ephemeral, and only a handful still exist within LA County, with a few sprinkled in other parts of California and Nevada.

A full–time artist, accomplished illustrator, and renowned graffiti writer, Aise paints or draws nearly every day, and when he doesn’t, he is thinking about what he wants to paint next. With at least twenty gallery exhibits under his belt, Aise still prefers the energy of painting a wall mural, and says the scale of public art has much to do with it, along with the allure of the sunlight and fresh air. He also admits that the sense of urgency is invigorating, because with a painting, it is easy to procrastinate.

Although Aise has more gallery experience than Cache, the two artists collaborated in a very unique fashion, and designed a most intriguing exhibit. Using bold color combinations, striking layouts, and a controlled sense of design, the resulting exhibit pops with energy and freshness.

“In painting these new works alongside Cache, it was our way of taking what we have done on walls, and presenting it in a gallery setting. When we started the work, we each began on a canvas, then traded them back and forth. As we got more into it, we reflected on what was done so far, and what other color palettes could we play with. We worked on the gallery pieces for close to two months, trading them back and forth, always looking at the work to determine how we could approach the canvases aesthetically. We did simplify some to give depth amongst other pieces. When they were installed in the gallery, the display was uniquely designed to allow Cache’s laser lines to flow off the canvas and shoot onto the next piece, weaving itself into the organic pattern work.”

Aise is on his way to a much greater audience next month, with an upcoming live-painting project for the LA Art Show in January. In an event sponsored by the Downtown LA Art Walk, he will complete a large 30’ x 10’ mural during the opening night VIP Premiere Party on January 10, 2018. Combining his signature mandala element with fine figurative work, this oversize mixed-media piece will bring this local talent to an international audience. We could not be happier for him!

Check out our photos from the opening night here. PC: Cindy Schwarzstein

“Synthesis” – Featuring Collaborative Works By Aiseborn & Cache
Dec. 9, 2017 – Jan. 6, 2018
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm.

Closing Reception:
January 6, 2018 (3-8 pm)

Tonalli Studio
4539 E Cesar E Chavez Ave.
East Los Angeles, CA 90022


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