Event Coverage: LA Art Show 2018: Will Not Be Assimilated, by Lisa Derrick

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The 2018 LA Art Show gave a lot to look at: Orozco’s murals,  a giant Mark Ryden head, Margaret Keane‘s paintings,  Littletopia‘s whole section of Low Brow which is now a mainstream trend, political punching bags,  a static sculpture of a giant resin American flag dropping into a giant meat grinder with a giant pile of pennies  as the outcome. The hipster trustifarian in the giant custom Louis Vuitton shirt with a Versace backpack and trendy giant neck-beard tattoo was not part of piece, but he certainly added a pointed coda.

For me the thrill was seeing the unexpected: A collection of Mayan and Egyptian artifacts, Max Lehmans ceramic sculptures, Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez‘s new geometric expressions, the bold and weirdly retro(?!) purple birds in the Chinese booth, the Inuit paintings of tribal chief Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. And the joy of new work by April Bey, seen at the top this post, the fun of seeing Lethal Amount/Sex Cells’ Danny Fuentes in custom plaid vinyl hanging with Dr. Paul K and performance artist Kayla Tange, plus internationally known artist Harif Guzman, the buzz around Modern Art Blitz broadcasting live.

The bottom line at the LA Art Show is that there is a lot of art in this world, enough that no one person’s taste was the sole note. Art is not about assimilation.

Max Lehman’s ceramic bunnies

Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Dr. Paul K., Danny Fuentes, Kayla Tange (and a Pink’s hotdog)

Harif Guzman, in his custom, self-designed Haculla jacket

Modern Art Blitz blitzes the airwaves.

Sadly couldn’t get a shot of his neck-beard tattoo.


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